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I don't know what to do when the internet connection is down. So here are the results of my flossing research. Every six months, the dentist asked me if I floss and I say no and they tell me to floss because my gums are bleeding when they scrape them with those metal scrapers so I thought I would do some research. I have flossed for the past 6 months. And I went to the dentist last week and was excited to see what they said. They didn't mention that I should floss but they did say that my gums were bleeding and I need to give extra attention to these certain teeth. So here is the results of my research. Dentists always tell you that you should floss - even if you do. I think it is one of those things. They just assume that no one flosses and I think they are pretty much right. But also from my research, even if you do floss - which I did, it doesn't matter much.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

Little Johnny was at football practice one day and the coach said
"Who here thinks they can jump higher than the goal posts"
Immediately little Johnny said, "Ooh me sir me"
The coach then said, "But Johnny you are the worst in the team!"
Then Johnny said, "I know, but goalposts can’t jump!"

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

--- "z@homemail.com" <aziola@yahoo.com wrote:

i like sex

Bo Derek's tits

--- "VanHorn, Nathan" <Nathan.VanHorn@infores.com wrote:

i though she dropped out of high school and she was 17 like seth

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

i bet she's been around the block a few times - how old do you
think she is supposed to be?

Bojarski, Neil wrote:

Yes. I didn't like the way it was all tied up on top of her head.

From: VanHorn, Nathan

i concur

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

i like how she was aggresive with seth - that was pretty hot. i
think she'd be really cute with a different hairstyle.

VanHorn, Nathan wrote:

what about seth's new girl....

From: RoMaN [mailto:moroni@romann.net]

i like her.

Bojarski, Neil wrote:

I wonder what Julie Cooper will be wearing tonight.

From: VanHorn, Nathan

wanna neet at L&L tonite?

figure everyone just leave after the previews for next
weeks OC....so we all prolly be there between 815 & 830

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