I feel some allergy stuff when I am home but not at work. I got a Blackberry from my new job. I drink Gatorade after jogging.

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Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.netwrote:

When Cailyn grow up some, you'll have to introduce her
to Polish and Bohemian foods

From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com
i need to eat more polish

Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.netwrote:

That's what mom and I got.

We discovered a restaurant on Archer and a block west
Austin in Chgo., one of these breakfast/lunch places
called 3 brothers (I think) Anyway we were there Sunday
morning, mom loves their potato pancakes. We go sometimes to
this Weber's Polish bakery around there and found this

From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com

i would tell him to get the corned beef with potato
pancakes and matzo ball soup


Well, keep going there and maybe you will see
Barack. If I was there I would have told him not to order the
potato pancakes (which I didn't care for when we
were there), but I guess he has beeen there a few times
before. dad

From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com
we saw that on news
i love mannys deli
i told you me and my friend butler saw axelrod


From: Gilbert Ziola <gziola@att.net Subject: Obama - Manny's Deli

Yesterday Obama went to Manny's Deli for
a corned beef sandwich, potato pancakes and cherry pie.
There's a picture of him in the paper, standing in
line there.
He got it to go! They wanted to give him a discount but he said no, he would pay the full price. His bill was $43.00.


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