I don't like being the person in charge of the cords. I am not a fan of plugging in all the cords for the TV and VCR and cable box. I would prefer to go do something like cook or sew.

Here is how I feel about the Cubs:

I came into this season with great excitement, enjoyed every game with excitement, and came into the playoffs with great anticipation and excitement. With the sweep by the Dodgers, this 2007 season now I see as a complete failure and disappointment. The 2 consecutive NL Central Division championships get erased in my mind because of this. How many playoff wins have the Pirates, Royals and Cubs had since 2004? The answer is zero. I feel like I have wasted the past 6 months.

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From: Andrew Butler <andrew.butler@hewitt.com

alright - when do you want to go?

Z <aziola@yahoo.com

looks like i win

Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 14:42:21 -0500

you're on... this is Wood's cy young year -
i'm picturing him coming out of the pen to close down game six and then saying
"screw it" and starting game 7 - striking out 21 in the process.

Z <aziola@yahoo.com
i really like wood too but i will bet you mannys that
he will be on the dl at least once this year

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