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So I lost my job. I was very pissed and sad for like a day. It was very much out of the blue. Now I really don't care. So I have to find another job. This is weird since I lost my job at this other company like 6 years ago I think it was. It also happened in October. So this is kind of weird deja vu. So I am sitting here at home not wearing a shirt, poking around the www. My resume is done. I wonder if employers and going to call me and want to interview me. The last time I lost my job I was unemployed for 6 months. I don't ever want to go through that again. My girlfriend is home sick today so we are both sitting here. It is a little weird.

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What's the difference between a female Packer fan and a catfish?
One has whiskers and stinks and the other's a fish

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From: Shea Nimocks

I believe it's double income no kids

Moroni Mark wrote:

what's a DINK?

From: Paul Fruzyna

You're a DINK aren't you?

From: Shea Nimocks

Do I look like Mr. Moneybags?

Paul Fruzyna wrote:

Get that new Don't Look Down too.

From: Shea Nimocks [mailto:shea.nimocks@appletonmarine.com]

I was going to pick it up after work tonight, so I should be able to send it to moo after that.

"Ziola, Andrew" wrote:

Social Distortion returns after eight-year drought Some things, like Michael Jackson, get worse with age. And then some things, like Spam, just know how to preserve themselves. Such is the case with Social Distortion, the little So-Cal punk rock band that formed more than 20 years ago. Releasing their first studio album in eight years, "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll," the Orange County band - once labeled as misfits - picks up right where they left off with their hyper-guitar chords and laments on life. And with years of love, loss, and drug rehab, these guys usually have something to lament about, so color me stunned when they attempt to branch out. Dedicated to late guitarist Dennis Danell, "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll" holds a slightly happier note than previous SD albums, although the customary hating-of-the-world tracks remain. With songs like "Don't Take Me For Granted" and "Nickels and Dimes," tattooed frontman Mike Ness gives SD fans a pleasant mix of old and new with the same edge as SD's earlier stuff. The problem with the aged rockers is that it extends their change and maturity. While "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll" is fun - mostly because of the Van Wilder-ish gap since their latest album, leaving fans in long-running anticipation - it merely reflects their previous tracks over the past years, offering the style range of a teaspoon. The same sound and style mimics the old, and a few of the songs, "Reach for the Sky" and "Highway 101," sound, well, the same. But we'll forgive them. I mean, after 20 years of this stuff, it's bound to happen (Green Day are you listening?). Longtime supporter or just hearing it on the radio (a highly unlikely prospect here in Mount Pleasant) "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll" keeps the SD standard of rock, and even offers a little booty-shaking beat that might just lead to sex, because after all, that's the fun in So-Cal rock. -- Shea B. Nimocks

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