It is pitch dark when I get up in the morning so I am happy that daylight savings is this weekend. But then I will be going home from work in the dark and I am not happy about daylight savings for that reason. I have solution to fix this issue. If they can just get rid of an hour in the middle of the day like from 2PM-3PM every day. Who will I need to talk to about this?

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From: "/ Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com

no you helped me. i just wanted to know if that was a kid or adult

From: info@smokerssavior.com <info@smokerssavior.com

Thank you for your email.
No, I'm sure it's an adult actress. May I help you?

From: "/ Z /" <aziola@yahoo.com
To: <info@smokerssavior.com
Subject: radio ads

I hear your radio ad on WSCR in Chicago. Is that
really a little girl that does the voice?


Andrew Ziola


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