It is getting cold out. I don't like the cold. I don't know what clothes to wear so I just wear my same sweatshirt every day. I think it might be time to go get a new coat. Wool maybe.

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That is cool....if we can party on the boat BEFORE the game, rock the skybox DURING the game, then all of our drunk asses can retire to our penthouse on Lake Shore Drive AFTER the game. We are not sure exactly where we will be purchasing yet, but by then I am sure we can afford a huge grand party pad. No kids please. It will be like a museum.

Wendy Regan

From: aziola@yahoo.com

we can just party in my skybox that i am going to buy at soldier field at the end of 2010

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From: Buchanan, Jay <Jay.Buchanan@NC-4.com

Can we pre-party on the boat your buying in the Spring of 2011?

From: Ed Emberson [mailto:eemberson@yahoo.com]

I moved some things around....count me in.

From: Z <aziola@yahoo.com

does anyone have any plans in the fall of 2011? wanna go to this niu game?


NIU, Wisconsin to play at Soldier Field in 2011

By Teddy Greenstein | Tribune staff reporter

9:09 PM CDT, October 16, 2008

Northern Illinois did not score a touchdown in its 2007
Soldier Field meeting with Iowa, but Huskies fans still have fond memories of
the 16-3 defeat.

"The sentiment from our fan base is that that game
was one of the highlights of our entire football program," athletic
director Jeff Compher said.

That encouraged Compher to complete a deal for a return to
Soldier Field. NIU will play Wisconsin there on Sept. 17, 2011 - but not
before traveling to Camp Randall Stadium to face the Badgers to open the 2009

Compher is confident the Soldier Field game will sell out.
It did in 2007, with about 20,000 Huskies fans contributing to the crowd of

Compher also hopes to schedule a series with Northwestern,
whose athletic director, Jim Phillips, came from NIU. When Compher
purchased Phillips' DeKalb home, Compher joked to him that the closing was
contingent on
Phillips' agreeing to football games.

"We've reached out," Compher said, "but there's nothing in concrete yet."

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