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I am never going to buy a record from a brick and mortar store again. I have tried at least 4 stores over the past few months to buy an album with no luck. And I was not looking for some crazy obscure album either. This is lame. I know they are trying to compete with the web and stuff so they should start by filling their inventory. There is prejudice in weird places. Being a web developer there is a weird prejudice when it comes to computers and software. There are people that think that Microsoft and PCs are the devil and anything created on a PC is wrong. This is prejudice. It is annoying. 95% of people are on PCs, not Macs. 95% of people use Intenet Explorer. So stop being prejudice of these products asswipe.

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A father buys his son 2 Goldfish, and once the father has given the boy the fish, he tells him he must call the goldfish 1 and 2. Puzzled, the boy asks his father why this is, well the father replies, if 1 dies, you still got 2!!!

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That is the coolest thing I have seen

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look at the 4th image that comes up when you do an image search for "mark moroni"


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