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Today they are doing layoffs again and the email is down and it is scary again and I am sick of this. I have seen the layoffs a lot of times now. At this point, I am wondering if I am going to get laid off. Now I know I am not going to get laid off and I am very relieved.

From a female coworker - Poo Stories

1) Last week, or was it earlier this week?, I went to use the toilets on 7 at work and was hovering over the toilet to do my thing without touching, and I look down and there are poo balls on the floor right near my feet. Partially smeared on the floor!! I nearly gagged to death. Then I beat it out of the bathroom.

2) Went to Willy's to play pinball one time during my senior year in Champaign. Very divey bar. Again, I went to the bathroom and was far more disgusted. Someone had diarreahed (sp?) all over the back of the toilet and on the wall behind it. It was disgusting and wet. I felt it was my duty to report the vileness to the bartender, lest they think it was me!!!

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

Have you ever smelled moth balls?

- How did you get their little legs apart?

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

"Mark Moroni"


From: <AZiola@focal.com>

i wonder who has been canned more, bulba or nolte

"Mark Moroni"

forget everything mandala

i want everything nolte

From: <AZiola@focal.com>

i must have been completely notleed paying 38$ for a belt

"Mark Moroni"

before you went out on saturday nate's hair was pretty nolteed.

From: "VanHorn, Nathan"

i hope your hair gets nolteed

From: Mark Moroni

i think i'm gonna nolte this weekend after helping z move.

From: <AZiola@focal.com>

nates head felt all noltey on saturday mornin. we weren't sure if it
was from the booze or from Z nolting him in bed.

"Mark Moroni"

that's great - i wish there was a bigget picture of him like that
one in people.

i'm gonna try and use his name in a phrase

"man, i got nolteed last nite."

From: <AZiola@focal.com

(See attached file: nolte.jpg)


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