I got my 1st flu shot. I was asked to get it because Ang is pregnant. I am glad the Bears have a game this week and the bye week is past us. Is someone going to buy or townhouse?

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i cant wait to hear all about your reunion

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I'm off shopping now. Tomorrow is my high school reunion at
Riverside Country Club.


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i dont and ang doesnt either (because of them starting
school late this year)

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Yes, I saw that wedding thing on

Do you have monday off? I know Angela does. I


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you ever see any of those youtube vids?


Yeah--those all were funny--I loved
Kevin wearing the Kleenex boxes as shoes
because the hotel destroyed his real shoes because they
smelled too much. Also, him putting his feet
in the barrel of ice in the ice
room of the hotel at the end was funny.

Also, when the wedding party danced down the
the video on You Tube--that was funny.


ya i watched it
what did you think? i think some parts were
too long and
not needed - just to fill an hour
but some parts were just great like the
scrotum tear and the actual wedding ceremony was just great


Hi from mom. Did you
have a chance to see The
Office last night? It was hysterical. It
was a full hour--Pam and
Jim's wedding.


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