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Welcome to 2004. You like making conversation about what you think I like talking about, don't you? If our bodies are 70% water, why are we so solid? People like reading words a lot but don't like writing words too much. I think this is a form of laziness. Whoever was the person that invented men shaving their faces - screw you. If I wanted to change my hairstyle, I really don't have any idea what I want to do.

I find this interesting:

To figure out which eye is dominant for you, try this simple test.

Find something to use as a target on a wall about 10 feet away from you. You can use almost anything as an object to focus on.

With both eyes open, stick out your arm with your elbow extended and your thumb up.

Place your thumb so it appears to cover your target. Ideally, the focused object should be something that your thumb can cover.

Now, close your left eye then your right eye while watching your target.

Your target will be visible beside your thumb through one eye and hidden by your thumb through the other eye.

The eye that sees the thumb covering the target is your dominant eye.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

Patient: "What are the chances of my recovering doctor?"
Doctor: "One hundred percent. Medical records show that nine out of ten
people die of the disease you have. "Yours is the tenth case I've treated;
the others all died."

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

To: jerry.angelo@chicagobears.com
12/29/03 04:30 cc: PM
Subject: Bears Head Coach Job

I am interested in the Bears Head Coach Job. I have attached my resume. Thanks!

Andrew Ziola
1205 W. Lill #3 Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 773-549-2620
E-mail: z@homemail.com

Marquette University
May 1997, Bachelors degree from the College of Business
Administration Major: Marketing, Minor: Psychology

Focal Communications March 1999 to present

www.focal.com - current site - 42,000 page views a day, 2002 site, 2001
site, 2000 site, 1999 site
Launched new website - January 2000, Homepage of focal.com - rotation
of homepage banners, About Focal - entire section, new Network and
Leadership areas, Trade Shows, Products and Services for all 4 sales channels -
Product Diagrams, DSL Speed Demo, integration of DSL Prequal tool, Your
Domain extranet site, Community Section, News Room - constant updates
with News Releases, Contact pages, Careers - launched new Job postings
application, Coverage Maps, Coverage maps, Quality assurance of web
initiatives considering browser specific issues, color issues and
Internet Access speed limitations, Investor Relations sections and vendor
relationship, Other events promoted on web and News Events like, Legal
pages and Service Marks, Advertising - banner ads and promotion, audio
and video production for web, IPIX 360 degree pictures, Search engine
promotion, web awards, Site Stats - hits tracking, Flash usage
tracking. Company Newsletter Article

Focal's Intranet Site - Current Design - (1999-2000 design) - 15,000
page views a day, over 12 gigabytes.
Focal eU online computer based training and testing site, 4 special
pricing submit and response systems, IS Service Requests Systems, Search
Engine, Promotions, Legal Department, How to Use FocalNet, broadcast.com
content for Investor Relations, Collateral page with PDF files, Credit
Collections, Operations, Operations - Schedule Maintenance Calendar, Finance, Local
Customer Care, Stock Options FAQ, Customer Care, Switch Techs, Data
Product Marketing - DSL/Focal Internet Exchange/DSL FAQs, Pricing databases and
presentment, Ask the Admin site, Local Customer Care, Advanced
Solutions Center, Trouble Ticket System, Digital Library, Advanced Solutions
Center Maintenance Form, order Promo. Products site, Success Stories, Lunch
Room discussion area, IS training Operations Project Control Book, Sales
Engineers, Order Collateral on FocalNet, Sales - National Accounts, IS
Forms, Human Resources E-Bulletins, Floor Plans, Network
Planning/Network Development, Product Pilot Marketing site, Advertising

Email newsletter that is hosted on company intranet. Users click on
links on the newsletter that lead you to complete stories on company intranet

Customer Extranet/Online-Invoice System, and Extranet Applications -
Manage development and administration of customer exranet.

Focal Performance Customer Extranet - Manage development and
maintanence of Focal Performance which allows customers to view near-time activity on
your Focal's Internet Access service.

Focal Extranet (Inside Focal) - consultant, government, and agent
extranet site Built content and passed through editing process, designed look and
feel, registration system and download functionality - Launched
InsideFocal.com in January 2000, Redesign of look and feel of site and online demo of
site, importing existing content into new site's framework, Government Consultant site,
Continual maintenance to areas like the News pages as well as product
additions like National Exchange, DSL, FIX

Taught quarterly session at Focal University, trained employees on how
to post on company intranet site.

Flash Holiday Card, Customer Care Survey, Focal Coverage Maps and DSL
Coverage Maps using Map Info, Focal National Map, Presentations at
Focal University, built DSL Partner Program website, DSL Computer Based
Training, Digital Camera, scanning, and image editing, Production of DSL forms -
U. of Michigan, Site stats - focal.com, FocalNet, InsideFocal, Focal Mart
online store, Vertical Marketing Package design, Customer logs extranet
site, Vendor and content provider development and relationships.


July 1997 to December 1997 and September 1998 to February 1999.

Freelance web page design. Developed small business web sites and
regional E-mail Newsletter.


USN Communications (CoreComm)
January 1998 to August 1998

USN customer web sites consultation, site design, content generation,
programming, edit, launch, search engine registration, site promotion,
and hit tracking

Site plan, design, content generation, layout, and programming of:
www.usnconnect.net Launch Page and www.usnweb.com, training sample
sites, and Sales Rep's training sites

Daily maintenance of USN Corporate Web Site www.usncomm.com, handled
some design, programming, maintenance, add Investor sections on corporate
site, and act as link between other vendors that have worked on corporate
graphic design and programming, and new site launch consultation.

Managed USN customer Web Development, Web Site Hosting and E-mail, New
Domain Name Registrations and Transfers, constructed Product and
Process Plans for Web Development and Hosting, full product report for Web
Development package design including product manual, terms and
collateral, order forms, sales processes, and sales training materials.

Work both with sales force to market, direct, assist and monitor Web
Development sales and provide filed support for Web Development,
hosting accounts serviced, orders fulfillment, Domain Name Administration,
provisioning, billing, business administration, and revenue reporting.
Sales training presentations for Web Development and Hosting and
presentation on "Why Have a Web Site," conducted sales calls and sales

Vendor analysis, contract vendor relationships as well as coordinating
new initiatives and product offerings, competitive web development and
hosting analysis, contract negotiation, and roll-out plan.


Software Years Experience
Macromedia Dreamweaver 6
Macromedia Fireworks 6
Macromedia Flash 3
Microsoft FrontPage 3
Web Page Design 9
Advanced HTML and JavaScript 9
Server Side Includes 3
Graphic Design 9
Advanced World Wide Web 9
Lotus Notes and Domino 4
Cascading Style Sheets 4
VBScript 3
Adobe Illustrator 3
Software Years Experience
PhotoShop 5
Image Ready 5
WebSuccess 3
GIF Animation 7
Java Server Pages 3
getAccess 2
Cookies 3
Audio and Video production for web 4
Setting up commerce sites 2
Unix 1
Linux 1
Apache 1
My SQL 1

9+ years - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Outlook,
Word Perfect, MapInfo, Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator,
Draw, Windows 95/98/2000/NT, GroupWise, PC and Macintosh.

Nominated for Focal's Inner Circle program, 2000 and 2001. Focal's
Circle program is intended to recognize exceptional performance by
individual employees.

Designed and maintained nonprofit websites
Chicago Youth Boxing Club
Notre Dame Parish

Volunteer at Soup Kitchen
Build Websites
Coach and play softball
Assisted and organized bowling league

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