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I think my arms are getting more hairy. I would love to meet someone that likes Winter more than Summer. And not someone from like the equator. Someone from somewhere where the Winter means cold and snow. How can anyone like this? Gloves are OK but I really don't like scarfs. I understand how it is to be a seller. I can't believe how some sellers treat customers. Overcommunicating is a key. I need baseball to start bad. The newspaper is so damn boring right now. The ideas just keep coming and I keep doing them.

Email Attachment of the Week

Joke of the Week

Q: Why was Adam the happiest man ever lived?
A: Because he was the only man without a mother-in-law.

Email Train of the Week - usually have to read these bottom to top

From: Occy37@aol.com

you might be right but that's what everyone was saying at the beginning
of last season. you never know how everything will come together once the
season starts.

From: Occy37@aol.com

start with the cubs, finish with the cubs, but spend your best years in atlanta.


cubs are gonna get greg maddux

From: Occy37@aol.com

www.drodd.com. every day i'd send all the people i worked with an
e-mail titled today's useless knowledge which i got from that site.
occasionally when i was bored i'd attach the most recent vomit picture.


what site of mine are you talking about?

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