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I hate the expression, "it is what it is." Sports players use it all the time when they don't want to answer a question. I wonder how my boss at work would reply if a website that we are working on is down and I say, "yep, well it is what it is."


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from Z:

you should make some crazy chili it is way better

<gziola@ntsource.com wrote:

Yes, our cats are very special--they are always there for you.

I'm now going to get a quart of Bishops' chili to bring home.  We are
suddenly liking that a lot (with mac on the side, per dupee).  We are the
most senior of senior citizens-we eat dinner between 4:00 and 4:30-then when
it's time to go to bed, we are starving!!


From: Z [mailto:aziola@gmail.com]

ang knows i am nuts

i treated schmoopie as good as i treated ang

On Jan 22, 2008 3:44 PM, Gil and Merilou Ziola <gziola@ntsource.com wrote:

Yes I am.  If Angela knew this, she would really think we have flipped

However now little Snicky doesn't pee on the sofa--she pees in the box. We  are nuts.


From: Z [mailto:aziola@gmail.com]

oh my gosh

you are the CRAZY CAT LADY

On Jan 22, 2008 3:36 PM, Gil and Merilou Ziola <gziola@ntsource.com

Well, she is still alive.  We now have a litter box on our sofa (YES, on our
sofa).  Have a big sheet and 3 towels and then the litter box.  Snickers
thinks it is so great--she runs up there, goes in the box, does a little
tinkle and jumps out. She definitely rules our house.
Otherwise, everything is the same.


From: Z [mailto:aziola@gmail.com]

To: Gil and Merilou Ziola

Subject: Re: people


what is up with your cat?

On Jan 22, 2008 3:22 PM, Gil and Merilou Ziola <gziola@ntsource.com


You are a sweetheart.  If Schmoopie were around, would she chew on them?


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