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I got an xmas gift from the lady where I bring my laundry. I thought that was real nice. That lady is real nice. I can't believe that if you still put the address that you want a letter sent to - if you put that address in the return address - it will get sent fine. I can't believe that the post office still hasn't figured this one out. X10.com the people that advertise those tiny computer cameras are so annoying. I hate their pop up and banner ads. They can bite me. Hey, whoever is leaving the newspaper in the shitter at work, first off thanks. Second, I was wondering what is going on when you don't leave the paper in there. Is it that you didn't go #2 that particular day. If so, are you OK? Or is it that you just forgot to bring the paper in with you? It is the new year and I wonder what is going to happen this year. Looking at 2001, there are some obvious things that stand out like Sept 11 and for me, a shitty market and people getting laid off and stuff. I hope 2002 has more love in it.


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When you're out in the clubs and your getting your groove on and you meet that person that you don't want to meet. When they ask for your number. give it to them..but, give them this one 858-522-5597... Try it!!"

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Andrew P Ziola

OK I think this could be the 1st one email, email train that makes it to zbonia

Amy Dowsek

so i have 2 songs that remind me of other people who have had bad bathroom problems:

1) i worked with this lady named ray. one day i was using the ladies room and there was like a fucking explosion. anyhow i was like washing my hands and she came out of the bathroom stall and it was at a time when that song "It's a shame about Ray" came out by the Lemonhead...so every time i heard that song it reminded me of her bathroom experience and i thought ya, it really was a shame about ray.

2) a guy i used to know told me that one day when he was driving he really had to go to the bathroom and thought that he could make it home and at the time "sweetest thing" by U2 was on and he liked that song a lot so he tried to concentrate on it but alas the diarrhea wouldn't stay in..so he went all over his car. so every time i hear that song i think about this lovely story.

i don't know why i just thought of that

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