I am really sick of people saying this: "My thoughts and prayers are with his family." I bet that 95% of people say this do not actually have any thoughts or say any prayers for a dead person's family. I just drank ice water and now I am cold so I just got some hot tea.

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"Andrew Ziola" <z@homemail.com

i have always enjoyed a good pudding skin but i dont think i have had one for 15 years

--- On Mon, 1/18/10, dorothy mills <puzzlerdot@yahoo.com wrote:

From: gran

Oh yes. That is the best part for me.

Ziola <z@homemail.com

i hear you prefer the pudding with the skin?

From: gran

We all love pudding and the milk in it is so good for all of us.

Ziola <z@homemail.com

i dont think we are gonna be able to spell
anymore - she will know what we are talkin' about!

--- On Mon, 1/18/10, dorothy mills <puzzlerdot@yahoo.com

From: gran

Ha. Well,
she is my Granddaughter,
right!!!! So smart.


thanks gran

ya we could not believe that she knew math already


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