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My cat turned 12 yesterday. I am happy she has lived this long and I think it is pretty crazy to see how my life is different when I got her in 1995. I am more mature and have a bigger gut.


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Late one night a mugger wearing a ski mask jumped into a path of a well-dressed man and stuck a gun in his ribs "give me your money," he demanded. Indignant, the affluent man replied, "you can't do this – I am a United States congressman!" "In that case," replied the mugger, "give me MY money."

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From: Shea Nimocks <shea.nimocks@appletonmarine.com>

Yeah, the one that had mechanical problems.

Shea B. Nimocks

Z wrote:

did you get on wrong plane?

From: Shea Nimocks <shea.nimocks@appletonmarine.com>

I did spend last night in Detroit in addition to 7 hours at the FLL airport. That was by far the most fun I had all weekend.

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Paul Fruzyna wrote:

It was great hanging out with you guys over the past few days. I had a blast! Hope you all made it home ok. I think Shea spent the night in Detroit last night.

Thanks to those who planned it. Great job!

One last questions for you all…"Are you ridin' dirty?" :)

Paul Fruzyna

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