I ran into someone I went to college with last weekend. An old friend said that I am mature now. I don't feel more mature. But I guess for sure I am. And this is good because I am a father. And fatherhood and maturity should happen at the same time so I am greatful that they did. There are quite a few adults I know that don't drink coffee. I don't understand this. What do they order at Starbucks?

Email Attachment of the Week

Email Train of the Week

From: "Z" <aziola@yahoo.com

Let's meet at 8:15 - we can go grab breakfast at McDonald's on our way
out if you want - since it is only a couple blocks away

From: Gregozeski, Brian [mailto:Brian.Gregozeski@infores.com]

So we'll meet at Romans between 8:15 and 8:30?

From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

i accept this plan
i dont need a McLatte. i am fine just with my grape soda but thanks for

From: Gregozeski, Brian <Brian.Gregozeski@infores.com

How about this plan...

Andy goes to Z's...(city people)
Brian goes to Roman's...(near north city-sort of
Z and Andy pick up Brian and Roman at
Roman's...we're all together
drinking grape soda's.

Anyone want me to pick up some McGriddles or
yuppie-McLatte's for the
car ride? I'll take orders this week.

From: Moroni Mark-CMM088 [mailto:Mark.Moroni@motorola.com]

I vote to meet at my place or grego's since we're on the way to Milwaukee.

From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

sounds about right

paul since you are the most impartial person on this email
- maybe yopu
can help us pick our special meeting place


So I'm assuming I will meet you at the hotel by
10? Or
should we meet

From: Moroni Mark-CMM088

Yeah - we she meet at the place that has yet to be
determined by about
8:15 and be on the road by 8:30 (no pee breaks)

From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

game at 11

i figure we wanna get there by 10

need to hit road at what? like 8 or 8:30?

From: Gregozeski, Brian

What time are we thinking about heading out
(grape sodas in hand)?

From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]


they are grape sodas

From: Gregozeski, Brian

Are they "road sodas"?

From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

you make a solid case

i think the place should be my house because we
have sodas if you want one

From: Gregozeski, Brian

Can the special place be my house in

From: Z [mailto:aziola@yahoo.com]

roman what should we do about driving?
i owe everyone for the 10 years i have not had a car

but to make it easier - should we all
meet somewhere and leave from this
special meeting place?

<Mark.Moroni@motorola.com wrote:

9:36 AM
Hotel is booked... Cost will be
$30 per person
(2 rooms).

Z - I had to give two names for
each room, so I
put your name down for
one of them. Hopefully we can get
adjoining rooms.

Here's the hotel info:

Hilton Milwaukee City Center

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