My sister in law, Barb, has invented the next big thing in tasty beverages in August 2006 in Gilbert Arizona. I named it the Red Raider because it is red in color and big on taste. Here is how to make it. It is really tasty. I think it tastes like a Sweet Tart candy. We drank about 14 of them each in about 3 days. They are good with diet Kool Aide and Diet soda pop. We have not tried it yet but I am sure they are also very amazing with a shot of your favorite vodka.

- Cherry Kool Aide
- Squirt or 7UP

1) Grab a packet of Cherry Kool Aide

2) Pour into 8 cups of water

3) Stir wildly

4) Grab your favorite glass

5) Fill it with ice

6) Pour the glass to 2/3 full with Cherry Kool Aide

7) Fill the last 1/3 of the glass with Squirt:

8) Or 7UP:

9) Enjoy it by yourself:

10) Or with a friend: