Hello. Dr. Odd here. I went through a lot of people on my Q and A and I thought it was a good idea to start over with some new questions. You will see all the same people as before, just some fresh questions. Merilou Ziola

We would like to introduce Wendy.


How do you plan to spend the next 13 years?

Being a mom to my two children and possibly going back to work.

What is your job title?

Stay at Home Mom, Homemaker, Slave to Children, Nurse, Teacher, Psychologist, Social Worker, I am not quite sure! All of those seem to fit when you are with kids all day.

What do you do exactly in your job?

I am very fortunate to stay home with my children. I get to take them places like the zoo, to classes, to school, play with them and spend lots of time with them. Along with housework that pretty much all people have to do unless they have a cleaning service)

What type of work do you do?

See above.

What kind of company do you work for?

I am the proud Co-Founder of THE REGAN FAMILY.


What is your favorite color?


What was your first car?

A Nissan Maxima with a sunroof and power windows and it was SO fun. It broke down though and we got a Volkswagon Rabbit. All of my cars were used.

What kind of car do you have?

My Old Bessy Ford Explorer has been pt to pasture and I just got a 2006 Silver Ford Explorer last week! LOVE IT!

If I had all the time and money, I would love to ...

travel all over the world and do charity work with children. Do I have to be married to Brad Pitt to do that? I am SO Angelina Jolie!

Ugliness aside, if you could have your bedroom painted - what color would you choose?

For keeps I would paint it sea blue but if I could have it painted for just one week and the re-do it I would do BLACK with neon paint splashed allover the walls. I would have a black light to make it all glow.

What crazy thing would you 1st buy if you got rich?

The BIGGEST most KICK ASS swing set from Rainbow. It would have forts, slides, swings, ramps, tents, all of it!!! It would be as big as our house!


What do you like to do on the weekends or in your spare time?

I like to take walks, ride my bike, watch movies, scrapbook, shop, listen to music outside on the deck with a nice cold beverage and watch my kids play, be with friends and family.

What is your sleep schedule?

Not really a set schedule with kids but I tend to go to bed around 9:30 and get up around 5:30 or 6:00. Most nights I get up twice for Kelsey and Mitch. But so does their Dad.

Which is your favorite season?


If you could name yourself, what name would you choose?

Is this like when Phoebe Buffet named herself Banana Hamock on Friends??? I would name myself Ruby Rainbow.

What is the last movie that you have seen that you enjoyed?

The Departed but the ending SUCKED!! I was furious!

What book are you reading now or have read recently?

I am currently reading all the books in the Curious George series. I previously have read Dr. Seuss and of course, Biscuit gets a Bath.

What is your favorite board game or card game?

I love to play Monopoly. Nobody likes that game anymore. Scrabble is fun too.

What is your favorite magazine?

US Weekly of course.

What is your all time favorite TV show?

OF all time??????? I would have to say……CSI.

Do you prefer the toilet paper to flow over or under the roll?


What is your favorite sport to watch?


What is your favorite sport to play or favorite exercise?

Sport to play…..soccer. Type of exercise would be elliptical machine.

Favorite Teams...



Hockey: Who cares

Basketball: Not a fan

College football: NIU

College Basketball: March Madness is GAY!!!

High School football: Naperville Central RedSKINS

What is your your favorite outdoor activity?

Riding a bike

What is your your favorite indoor activity?

Step aerobics


What is order at Starbucks?

Tall skim Vanilla Latte

What is your favorite food?

Italian and Mexican but not together

What do your order on your pizza?

My fave is spinach and garlic, easy cheese

What is your favorite flavor ice cream?


What is your favorite soda pop?

Dr. Pepper, regular

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

What is your favorite snack?

Chips and salsa


How tall are you?

I think I am 5 feet 6 inches

Are you single?


Are you allergic to anything?


What is your favorite color?

Well, before in this questionnaire I answered purple but now I changed it to green.

How would you describe your appearance?

Athletic and casual

What nationality are you?

German and Dutch

Where do you live?

Geneva, Illinois

In less than five words, describe yourself.

Nutty, funny, approachable, helpful and talkative

Where do you live?

I moved so now I live in Boulder, Colorado.

In what type of dwelling do you live?

A single family home.

What is under your bed?

Sweet Lord, I have no clue. Dog hair and dust???? Oh yeah, a plastic box with Kelsey’s keepsake art from school and home.

What is the color of your hair?

Brown with glorious carmel and honey highlights that have occered naturally while out in the sun. Yeah.

What color eyes do you have?

Chocolate eyes, at least that is what my Grandma used to tell me.

Do you have contacts, glasses, or lasik?


Name all the cities or towns you have lived in

Rockford, Lisle, Bolingbrook, Geneva.

Are you political?

Not really. I have some strong opinions on a few things like abortion, animals, education but don’t consider myself political.

Name 3 things you like:

I like walking, children and animals.

What is your Zodiac sign?


Do you drink?

Yes I do.

Do you smoke?


Is religion a part of your life?


What is the highest education level you have completed?

College with a few courses afterwards.