Hello. Dr. Odd here. I went through a lot of people on my Q and A and I thought it was a good idea to start over with a new idea. My idea is to move on from people and start doign pets.

We would like to introduce Oliver. She is owned by Kim and Jason.

What is your name?  Oliver

How did you get your name? It was given to me by my original parents before I was lucky enough to be adopted by my new parents.

Where were you born? 11/2004

How old are you? 4 1/2 years

What do you eat? Mainly dog food (Blue) and an occasional piece of steak or really anything I can get my paws on.

What do you do for fun? Chase my Planet Dog Earth ball and bite my parents guest's feet

What is your typical day consist of?  Going outside to relieve myself and chase the lizard that lives in MY backyard.  Then, I move to my favorite chair for some daytime napping.  I go outside a few more times and chase the ball.  Then it is off to bed!

What is your favorite toy? My Planet Dog ball  - see link - - > http://www.planetdog.com/orbee.aspx