Hello. Dr. Odd here. I went through a lot of people on my Q and A and I thought it was a good idea to start over with some new questions. You will see all the same people as before, just some fresh questions. Merilou Ziola

We would like to introduce Marcos.


How do you plan to spend the next 13 years?

Expand my business.

What is your job title?

Owner I guess

What do you do exactly in your job?

I sell cars and motorcycles. Some of my business is wholesale (selling to other dealers and exporters) and some is retail (selling to the public via ebaymotors, auto trader, etc)

What type of work do you do?

My day varies. Certain days I attend dealer auctions to purchase or sell vehicles, other days I am working with a shipper or customs broker to send vehicles to Mexico. I also meet with customers to sell vehicles.

What kind of company do you work for?

I own and manage a small vehicle sales business / car lot


What is your favorite color?


What was your first car?

1982 Plymouth Champ

What kind of car do you have?

I have a variety of cars because it‘s what I do for a living.

If I had all the time and money, I would love to ...

Big house on the beach in Mexico

Ugliness aside, if you could have your bedroom painted - what color would you choose?

Bright orange

What crazy thing would you 1st buy if you got rich?

Huge heated garage/warehouse, lots of tools for working on cars, vehicle lift…


What do you like to do on the weekends or in your spare time?

Read, play guitar, mess around on the internet, bars, stripclubs

What is your sleep schedule?

Weekdays sleep 12:00a wake up 7:30a

Weekends sleep 2:00a wake up 10:30a (sometimes later)

Which is your favorite season?


If you could name yourself, what name would you choose?

Rocky Balboa

What is the last movie that you have seen that you enjoyed?

Rocky Balboa

What book are you reading now or have read recently?

Right now I am reading “Under and Alone” by Bill Queen.

What is your favorite board game or card game?

Omaha Hi-Lo

What is your favorite magazine?

Road and Track, Esquire, Rolling Stone

What is your all time favorite TV show?

Three’s Company

Do you prefer the toilet paper to flow over or under the roll?


What is your favorite sport to watch?

I am a huge boxing fan. I also like MMA

What is your favorite sport to play or favorite exercise?

Swimming or surfing (even though I almost never get to do it)

Favorite Teams...

MLB: Sox

NFL: Bears

Hockey: Blackhawks

Basketball: Bulls

College football: Illini

College Basketball: Illini/Texas Tech

High School football: Mt. Carmel

What is your your favorite outdoor activity?

Riding a motorcycle

What is your your favorite indoor activity?

Surfing internet.


What is order at Starbucks?

tall coffee black

What is your favorite food?


What do your order on your pizza?

Pepperoni (anchovies if it is lent)

What is your favorite flavor ice cream?

Chocolate chip cookie dough

What is your favorite soda pop?

Either Cherry Coke or Jarritos

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Dove bar or Twix

What is your favorite snack?

Beef jerky


How tall are you?


Are you single?


Are you allergic to anything?


How would you describe your appearance?


What nationality are you?

Italian and English

Where do you live?

Lemont, IL

In less than five words, describe yourself.

Weird dude but a cool dude

In what type of dwelling do you live?


What is under your bed?


What is the color of your hair?

Brown. There is not much left though

What color eyes do you have?


Do you have contacts, glasses, or lasik?


Name all the cities or towns you have lived in

Lemont, Chicago, Champaign (all in Illinois, USA)

Are you political?


Name 3 things you like

Cars, pretty women, motorcycles

What is your Zodiac sign?


Do you drink?


Do you smoke?


Is religion a part of your life?

Spirituality is a big part of my life. Religion - not so much

What is the highest education level you have completed?

Bachelor’s degree (GO ILLINI!)