Dr. Odd Q and A

Hello. Dr. Odd here. Since I have head 2 previous rounds of questions for people I know that I have posted here over the years I thought it would be interesting to answer some of the questions again adn compare the answers to our old answers to see how some of our lives are different.

We would like to introduce my Mom.

Question 2010 2005
How will I spend the next 13 years: Hopefully continue to work part time and spend time with my two beautiful granddaughters. Hopefully stay at my present part time job—however, I doubt if I will be there for 13 more years since that would bring me up to my mid 70’s.
Job Title: Administrative Assistant Really no formal title – just administrative.
What do I do in my job: Finalize commercial real estate appraisals, answer phones, order supplies, keep the office running smoothly. Finalize commercial real estate appraisals, either in form format, or in narrative format (usually between 50 – 100 pages) .  I must make the appraiser’s corrections of these appraisals on the computer, then make the hard copies for the clients (sometimes 4 or 5 copies); send them to the clients, and then put the entire appraisal in PDF format and either e-mail the appraisal, or, if too large, post the appraisal on the client’s website.  This, along with taking care of 3 printers, 3 copy machines, computer problems and fixing the computer problems of 4 appraisers.  In my spare time, answer the phone which rings about every 10 seconds.
Kind of Company: Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Company Commercial real estate appraisal company.
Favorite Color: Green Green Green
Car I drive now: Toyota Highlander Toyota Highlander
If I had more time and money: Probably do the same thing I am doing now--work a little, exercise and spend time with my two granddaughters Probably do the same thing I am doing now.  I am thankful I am healthy, can get up in the morning and go to a job.
If I could paint my bedroom: Sage Green Sagey, dusty green
What do I do on weekends: Shop, exercise, go out to eat Sleep later, go to the gym, go to movies, go out to eat.
Sleep schedule: Usually 10:15PM to 6:15 AM (and hope I don't wake up several times during the night. 10:15 PM to 6:15 AM  (Usually awake several times during the night, however.)
Favorite season: Fall Definitely the fall.
What would I name myself: Kara Renee Kara
Favorite Magazine: Health Prevention; Health
Favorite TV show: Past: Dallas Present: I'm embarrassed to admit--Desperate Housewives. Past:  Dallas
Present:  ER
Toilet paper--over or under: Over the roll Under the roll (This is also how my mother always did it)
Favorite sport to watch on TV: None Probably baseball because it is easiest to understand; I still can’t understand football.
Favorite Pizza: Vegetable All veggies—spinach, mushrooms, onion, green pepper, sometimes broccoli.
Favorite ice cream flavor: Coffee Coffee
Favorite soda: I don't drink soda but once in a while it would be ginger ale Ginger ale
Sweet treat: Any kind of cake Any dessert, preferably cake.  I have a bad sweet tooth.
Height: 5'11" 5’ 11”
Married? Married Married
Allergic - some dogs

To dogs, but not cats.  I break out in hives if a dog licks my arm—I must be allergic to the saliva.

Appearance: Tall, walks fast, looks happy People say I stand nice and tall and have nice posture.  I don’t think about standing tall, but I guess I do.  I have never slouched—that makes you look awful.  In my younger days, I was considered very tall; now I see girls my height or taller than I.  I really do like my height—some people ask me if they could “borrow” some inches from me as they want to be taller.
Nationality: German and Bohemian German and Bohemian
Live: Westmont, Illinois Westmont, Illinois
Describe yourself: Friendly, Approachable, Organized, Good listener Friendly, Approachable, Organized, Good listener, Good worker
Type of house I live in: Split-level single family residence A split-level single family home.
What is under my bed: Empty gift boxes I use for Christmas gifts My wedding gown and veil in a big flat plastic box.
Hair: Brown with blonde highlights Brown (now with some blonde highlights).
Eyes: Green Greenish
Contacts: Yes, rigid, gas permeable Have Gas permeable, rigid contact lenses (been wearing them since I was 13 years old)
Cities I have lived in: Berwyn, IL; Brookfield, IL, Westmont, IL Berwyn , Illinois ; Brookfield , Illinois ; Westmont , Illinois
3 things I like: My granddaughters, a clean house, good food good food, a good haircut, a clean house
Zodiac sign: Libra Libra (I do think this sign suits me—I like things in balance)
Drink: Occasional glass of wine Occasionally a glass of wine.
Is Religion part of my life: Definitely Definitely – We are truly just passing through this life and will have complete happiness in the next.
Education: High School, some college courses High school, some college courses