Hello. Dr. Odd here. Lara is one of Ang's cousins who lives down in Arizona. We see her a few times a year when we go down to visit. She is nice and sweet and fun to be around. You can drop her a line here. Lara Shaffer

When were you born? Where?

Hackensack, New Jersey May 12, 1978

What is the 1st thing you want to do when you get home from work or when you wake up on the weekends?

Maybe not what I want to do, but the first think I always do is clean up.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Never forget all those summers at Seaside Heights

If you could get paid the same amount of $ at your current job and do anything, what would it be?

Stay at home Mom

If you found $200 in the trash and you had to spend it that day, what would you do with it?

Grab a frappachino, see a movie and go clothes shopping

What kind of music you like the most and why?

Anything I can rock out to, but still understand the words

Who have you been most influenced by and why?

I think my dad, workaholic and don't know how to relax

What makes you cry?

When people I love go away

What is your favorite town or state in the United States?


What do you usually eat for dinner?


What is your favorite website?

Pampers Parent Pages

If you had to hear 1 album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Billy Joel's greatest hits

What would be on your rider list if you were a famous rock star?

What the heck's a "rider" list?

What is your favorite movie?

Any horror movie, last one I really enjoyed was "The exorcism of Emily Rose"

What do you do for $?

Architectural Manager at Trend Homes

What do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

Broad shoulders and tight abs

Dogs or cats?

Got both... Anyone want them

What is your favorite sports team?

I don't watch sports, I would rather play them

You got any Tattoos?


Do you use styling products in your hair?

Of course- Aussie gel and Hairspray

What is your favorite cartoon character?


Got any nick-names?
What do they mean or how did you get them?

La or Layray

What is your salad dressing of choice? Italian

What is your favorite fast food place? What do you order there?

Panda Express- Orange Chicken

What is your favorite booze beverage?

7up and Malibu, but I don't drink anymore

What do you think people say are some of your most virtuous qualities?

Hard worker, honest, try to be a good mom

What do you think people say are some of your vices?

Cant sit down