Hello. Dr. Odd here. I met James at a UP trip a few years ago. He is a real fun dude and even though I only see him once a year or so we always have fun. You can drop him a line here. James Lang

When were you born? Where?

Sept. 30, 1978 in Oshkosh, WI

What is the 1st thing you want to do when you get home from work or when you wake up on the weekends?

Look up to see if its noon yet on the alarm clock

Who would you like to pattern yourself after?

GOD! (I don't want to be him, just be like him)

What is your favorite vacation spot?

South Padre is great!!

If you could get paid the same amount of $ at your current job and do anything, what would it be?

Crocodile Hunter

If you found $200 in the trash and you had to spend it that day, what would you do with it?

Call my buds up- its time to party!!

What kind of music you like the most and why?

Punk and Dave Mathews-Gets rid of frustration and is relaxing

Who have you been most influenced by and why?

Mom-She grew up with nothing and gave me everything

What makes you cry?

Really hot and Spicy Chicken wings

What is your favorite town or state in the United States?

Milwaukee, WI

What do you usually eat for dinner?

Pizza, or Fast food-I'm trying to have a heart attack by 30, jk

What is your favorite website?

www.wipartyplace.com and of course drodd

If you had to hear 1 album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Green Day-Dookie

What do you do for $?

I work on those things with a keyboard mouse and monitor, ohh yeah computers.

What do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

Teeth and the Clavicle-see Alkaline Trio for definition of clavicle

Dogs or cats?


What is your favorite sports team?

Bucks, Brewers and got to go with the Pack-Stop booing

You got any Tattoos?

Nope- Im 100% natural

Do you use styling products in your hair?

Palmade stuff

What is your favorite cartoon character?

Homer-"mmm beer"

Got any nick-names? What do they mean or how did you get them?

Jman-short for my name or Chicken legs- explains itself

What is your salad dressing of choice?


What is your favorite fast food place? What do you order there?

Hardees thick burger- again the heart attack thing.

What is your favorite booze beverage?

G&T it's a sign of sophistication

What is the one thing people say about you the most?

Party animal and "what's going on tonight?"

What do you think people say are some of your most virtuous qualities?

Outgoing, Fun and friendly

What do you think people say are some of your vices?

Work to much get stressed out over dumb little things.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who drive with their blinkers on-man I hate that

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