Hello. Dr. Odd here. I went through a lot of people on my Q and A and I thought it was a good idea to start over with some new questions. You will see all the same people as before, just some fresh questions. Merilou Ziola

We would like to introduce Helen.

- Work - Very Hard at home.

How do you plan to spend the next 13 years?

Same as now.

What is your job title?

Homemaker and proud of it.

What do you do exactly in your job?

Clean, cook, iron, laundry, bake, shop, bookkeeping, shampoo carpets, wash windows, play with Kate, paint where and when it is needed, puzzles (Sudokus), write cards and letters, watch grandchildren on occasion, garden sometimes, shop some more, cut a few heads (haircuts), sing, dance, etc.

What type of work do you do?

Anything and everything it takes to have a great and productive day.

What kind of company do you work for?

The best in the world, my husband and myself.

What is your favorite color?


What was your first car?

Green VW bug. It only cost a little over $2,000 brand new. $59 on monthly payments.

What kind of car do you have?

Dodge Caravan and Chevy Avalanch.

If I had all the time and money, I would love to ...

Retire, travel, help out others.

Ugliness aside, if you could have your bedroom painted - what color would you choose?


What crazy thing would you 1st buy if you got rich?

A convertible VW bug.

- Play -

What do you like to do on the weekends or in your spare time?

Play scrabble, watch movies, see family especially grandsons.

What is your sleep schedule?

11pm to 7, 8 or 9am.

Which is your favorite season?

Fall in New York.

If you could name yourself, what name would you choose?


What is the last movie that you have seen that you enjoyed?

Bourne Ultimatum

What book are you reading now or have read recently?

Can't read, fall asleep.

What is your favorite board game or card game?


What is your favorite magazine?

National Geographic or O.

What is your all time favorite TV show?

Lost. Used to be Mash.

Do you prefer the toilet paper to flow over or under the roll?

Really doesn't matter.

What is your favorite sport to watch?


What is your favorite sport to play or favorite exercise?

Don't play anymore. Used to be volley-ball.

Favorite Teams...
College football:??????
College Basketball:??????
High School football:????????

What is your your favorite outdoor activity?


What is your your favorite indoor activity?

Scrabble and movies

- Food -

Chocolate ice cream and Italian

What is order at Starbucks?


What is your favorite food?


What do your order on your pizza?

cheese or everything

What is your favorite flavor ice cream?

chocolate with a scoop of chocolate chip mint on top

What is your favorite soda pop?

Root beer.

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Cadbury chocolate

What is your favorite snack?



How tall are you? 5 foot 6.

Are you single? married

Are you allergic to anything? sulfa drugs and morphine

- Material -

What is your favorite color?

Green, same as before

How would you describe your appearance?

Just perfect. Ha

What nationality are you?


Where do you live?


In less than five words, describe yourself.

Loyal, compassionate, ?????

Where do you live?

Dah,,,,,,,,,,Arizona still.

In what type of dwelling do you live?

two story home.

What is under your bed?

Extra blind slats and dust.

What is the color of your hair?


What color eyes do you have?


Do you have contacts, glasses, or lasik?

No line, transitional, bifocal glasses.

Name all the cities or towns you have lived in.

Girvan, Dundee, Toronto, Dartmouth, Montreal, Jersey City, Hackensack, Monroe, Chandler.

Are you political?

Not really.

Name 3 things you like

Rain, music, animals

What is your Zodiac sign?


Do you drink?

I hydrate.

Do you smoke?

Not any more, unless I go to a casino.

Is religion a part of your life?


What is the highest education level you have completed?

High School, Dental Assistant School, Hairdressing School, Accounting courses.