Hello. Dr. Odd here. I met Ed at the place I work. I think we met at the company softball because he was the coach. Well that turned out to be the spark for our current softball team that we have been playing on for I think 4 years. Ed is a fun guy and a good dude. The reason why I like working at this company so much is because of people like him and work aside - he is a good friend. You can drop him a line here. Ed Emberson

When were you born? Where?

Born July 24th, 1970, DeKalb, IL

What is the 1st thing you want to do when you get home from work or when you wake up on the weekends?

Eat and drink gatorade for before working out. On the weekends I usually trim that down to just drinking Gatorade.

Who would you like to pattern yourself after?

Kosmo Kramer! He lives in a big city, doesn't work much, non-materialistic, finds enough money to get by, trys new things and has a diverse set friends.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Tough call between Las Vegas and skiing in Colorado. Probably Las Vegas since it is not winter at the time of this interview.

If you could get paid the same amount of $ at your current job and do anything, what would it be?

Play golf.

If you found $200 in the trash and you had to spend it that day, what would you do with it?

Eat sushi and drink martinis with friends

What kind of music you like the most and why?

Let's see, what is in my car right now? Eminem, John Mayer, U2's Greatest hits, Motley Crue's Greatest Hits, Cold Play (last 2 albums), Beck's latest, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Johnny Cash's Greatest hits, and Van Halen's Greatest Hits Vol. 1. I am musically confused. I like it all.

Who have you been most influenced by and why?

My grandpa for sure. He is well respected by his family and friends. He is one of those people that when he speaks you want to listen.

What makes you cry?

Sappy movies when I am hungover.

What is your favorite town or state in the United States?

Chicago of course.

What is your favorite sports team?

The Cubs

What do you usually eat for dinner?

Chicken, tuna, chinese, sushi, it really varies.

What is your favorite website?

www.accuweather.com, I like to know what's coming.

If you had to hear 1 album for the rest of your life what would it be?

I couldn't do it, but if I had to..........maybe Elton John's Greatest Hits vol.1. Is that cheating?

What do you do for $?

Sell for Focal Communications

What do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

Visually: Hair, eyes, butt (not necessarily in that order).

Intangibles: Sense of humor, common sense, open mind

Dogs or cats?


What is the one thing people say about you the most?

Very clean.

What do you watch on TV?

SIMPSONS at 10pm and maybe Everyone Loves Raymond at 10:30pm. I don't get into any sitcoms mostly because I am never home until later in the evening. I will watch Frazier and Will and Grace if I run across them. The only shows I am faithful to are Sopranos, Sex and the City, and local sports of course.

You got any Tattoos?


Do you use styling products in your hair?

Bed Head Manipulator

What is your salad dressing of choice?

Lo Cal Ranch

What is your favorite fast food place? What do you order there?

Wendy's, Spicy Chicken Combo with a diet Coke (no biggie size)

What is your favorite booze beverage?

Oh Captain, my captain! in diet Coke (lime please)

What do you think people say are some of your virtuous qualities?

Sincere, reliable, faithful

What do you think people say are some of your vices?

Captain and Diet and the social cigarette

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