Dr. Odd Q and A

Hello. Dr. Odd here. Since I have head 2 previous rounds of questions for people I know that I have posted here over the years I thought it would be interesting to answer some of the questions again and compare the answers to our old answers to see how some of our lives are different.

We would like to introduce my Dad.

Question 2010 2005
How will I spend the next 13 years: Working part time, some travel  
Job Title: Real Estate Appraiser, semi-retired  
What do I do in my job: Appraise single family homes, usually for mortgage lending purposes. Work hard
Kind of Company: Appraisal company--work at home--self-employed  
Favorite Color: Blue  
Car I drive now: Chevy Impala  
If I had more time and money: I would do nothing different than present.  
If I could paint my bedroom: Bright green--just kidding... probably beige  
What do I do on weekends: Take walks, go out to eat, occasional movie  
Sleep schedule: 10:00 PM to 7:30 AM  
Favorite season: Summer  
What would I name myself: I always liked the name Michael  
Favorite Magazine: Consumer Guide  
Favorite TV show: Past: Cheers
Present: 24
Sunday night football, the Bears, The Sopranos, and Hardball on MSNBC
Toilet paper--over or under: over  
Favorite sport to watch on TV: NFL football  
Favorite Pizza: Veggie  
Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla-chocolate swirl  
Favorite soda: Pepsi  
Sweet treat: Strawberry rhubarb pie  
Height: 6' 2"  
Married? Yes  
Allergic Too much caffeine makes me sneeze  
Appearance: Tall, thin  
Nationality: Bohemian/Polish  
Live: Westmont, Illinois  
Describe yourself: Friendly  
Type of house I live in: Split-level home  
What is under my bed: Dust....just kidding, I never look under there  
Hair: Brown, but now grayish brown  
Eyes: Brown  
Glasses? Rigid gas permeable  
Cities I have lived in: Chicago, Brookfield, Westmont, IL  
3 things I like: Being with family, watching granddaughters, working  
Zodiac sign: Capricorn  
Drink: Occasional wine  
Is Religion part of my life: Yes  
Education: High school, 2 years Univ. of Illinois in Chicago