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Welcome! This is a Dr. Odd's reality web series. Enjoy this week's stories and decide who you want to get voted off and not be back next week. But since it is like Melrose Place, we don't vote off a character, we murder them off - so Vote Now!

4/29/03 - Sam is murdered! --- 4/22/03 - Eve is murdered! --- 4/15/03 - Summer is murdered!

Kelly Swanson
Julia Serrano

Julia is jogging and she runs into Kelly Swanson outside of Dr. Odd's place. They start talking and Kelly tells Julia how Vinnie would not give her a job so Julia goes into Bar Salut to yell at Vinnie but somehow Vinnie tells her she is hot and convinces her to be a hooker that night in his brothel so she does.

Mike Mead

Mike comes into Bar Salut dressed in drag and Sam serves him. Sam gay bashes him like crazy and Mike gets upset. Sam heads out back behind the bar to take out the trash. There is a cliff back there. Mike pushes him off the cliff. Sam dies.

Vinnie Marcelli

The cops visit Vinnie to talk to him about a number of complaints that have been brought up on him. Vinnie ends up in court and he settles with the court and pleads guilty to only one of the charges against him. He is convicted of blackmailing parking meter maids to give him money from the parking meters.

Sam Moran

Sam is murdered!

Eve Parsons

Eve is murdered!

Summer Pritchett

Summer is murdered!

Who do you want to murder off Dr. Odd's Place this week (Week 4)?

Julia Serrano
Mike Mead
Vinnie Marcelli

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