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Welcome! This is a Dr. Odd's reality web series. Enjoy this week's stories and decide who you want to get voted off and not be back next week. But since it is like Melrose Place, we don't vote off a character, we murder them off - so Vote Now!

4/22/03 - Eve is murdered! --- 4/15/03 - Summer is murdered!

Mark Griffin
Julia Serrano

Eve found out that Julia was sleeping with Mark Griffin, Mark is Eve's younger brother. She catches them engaged in passion. Eve is drunk and goes to Julia's house and pounds her door with a sledgehammer. Julia grabs her gun thinking it is an intruder and shoots Eve dead.

Mike Mead

Mike contemplates getting a sex change. He thinks he wants to become a woman especially because his boyfriend wants him to. Instead he starts working nights at an all male burlesque show for fun.

Paul Benton

Sam Moran

Vinnie asks Sam to help him with a delivery for the bar. Sam says yes even though he doesn't know what he is delivering. It is Summer's dead body. Sam gets to the delivery location and Paul Benton and 3 other men in dark suits are there. They have guns and they frisk Sam. Paul Benton says, "Are you Vinnie's guy?" Sam says, "Wow you guys are really serious about your booze."

Kelly Swanson

Vinnie Marcelli

At Bar Salut Vinnie is interviewing girls for his new back-room club. It is going to be a brothel. Kelly Swanson enters for an interview. Vinnie quickly tells her that she won't be good for the job because her lips are not big enough. She throws a drink in his face.

Eve Parsons

Eve is murdered!

Summer Pritchett

Summer is murdered!

Who do you want to murder off Dr. Odd's Place this week (Week 3)?

Julia Serrano
Mike Mead
Vinnie Marcelli
Sam Moran

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