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Welcome! This is a Dr. Odd's reality web series. Enjoy this week's stories and decide who you want to get voted off and not be back next week. But since it is like Melrose Place, we don't vote off a character, we murder them off - so Vote Now!

4/15/03 - Summer is murdered!

Mark Griffin
Julia Serrano

Julia is sleeping with a new intern at her office. The intern's name is Mark Griffin. He is only 20 years old. He goes to Drodd U.

Mike Mead

Mike Mead is at Bar Salut and is acting very nervous and is talking very fast. Allegedly is is jacked up on blow and he leaves and wrecks his Porsche. He is thrown in jail for the night and gets involved sexually with another inmate and turns totally gay. The next day back at his apartment, Sam stops by to borrow a jar of pickles and catches him in the gay act. His new boyfriend is Bruce Bonner.

Sam Moran

Julia is at Bar Salut after a long hard day at work. She doesn't see Sam (who she fired last week) bartending at the back bar. When she is not looking, he slips her a mickey. She is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Mike Mead is also at the hospital because he was doing a late night boob job.

Eve Parsons

Eve goes to bar to see Vinnie she suspects something is up because Vinnie is acting weird. They get in a fight and Vinnie leaves so Eve seduces Sam, they have sex on Vinnie's desk, she does this to to try and get information about why Vinnie is acting weird. After they are done with the sex, Sam admits he knows nothing. Eve gets pissed, takes a swig of her Absolut brand vodka, spits it on him while throwing a lit match at hs face and burns his face.

Paul Benton

Vinnie Marcelli

Vinnie murdered Summer Pritchett because he bought a gift for Eve at her boutique and Eve didn't like it. He is also stalking an old mob boss that he found out just moved to Chicago. His name is Paul Benton.

Summer Pritchett

Summer is murdered!