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Welcome! This is a Dr. Odd's reality web series. Enjoy this week's stories and decide who you want to get voted off and not be back next week. But since it is like Melrose Place, we don't vote off a character, we murder them off.

5/12/03 - Julia is murdered! - 5/5/03 - Vinnie is murdered! 4/29/03 - Sam is murdered! --- 4/22/03 - Eve is murdered! --- 4/15/03 - Summer is murdered!

Mike Mead

Mike is only person left alive. He wins! Julia is murdered by Mike Mead because he simply did not like her.

Julia Serrano

Julia is murdered!

Vinnie Marcelli

Vinnie is murdered!

Sam Moran

Sam is murdered!

Eve Parsons

Eve is murdered!

Summer Pritchett

Summer is murdered!