(Photos from the Life of Z)
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Pets I Have Had


Ang's Birthday Dinner and Ziola Christmas Dinner

Teeth Whitening


Mom Mills 60th Bday Surprise


Pumpkin Carving

NIU Homecoming


New floors and Cat

Batting Practice at Wrigley

Regan Rager

Andy in Chicago - Bears and Cubs

Andy in Chicago - Air and Water Show and Canoes

Cubs Rain and Batts


Warped Tour

Z Family Bday Dinner

Z's 30th Bday Party


Honeymoon in Hawaii - page 1

Honeymoon in Hawaii - page 2

Batts and Cubs/Red Sox and Larry Arms

Cubs Dugout Seats and Mrs. Schiesser Party

Z's Emotional Landscape

Memorial Day Weekend

Shea and Jill's Nevada Wedding

Mother's Day

Regan's Kegger

Us as Small People

Mullet Banquet

Ryan Matt Batt

Mini Honeymoon

Getting Ready to Shower

- Video - Professional Photos 1 - Professional Photos 2 - Professional Photos 3 - Professional Photos 4 - Video Clip 1, Clip 2

Rehearsal Dinner


Cubs Game

Nate's 30th B-Day

Bachelor-ettes Parties


Sandy's Birthday

Wedding Shower

UP Snowmobiling Trip

Roman's 30th Birthday

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