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Maltese Names Meanings

Looking for the best weird dog names?

See some Maltese names meanings:

  • Speedy: Perfect for the Maltese that’s always in trouble but manages to get away before being caught.
  • Lacey: Her white hair has a lace-like quality. She knows she’s beautiful on the outside. You know she’s beautiful on the inside as well.
  • Samson: After the Biblical character whose strength came from his long hair. A strong sounding choice for the pup whose always in charge.
  • Roxy: This girl is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, and will quickly steal her owner’s heart with her cutness and desire to snuggle.
  • Bo: Meaning "precious one" this works for either gender.
  • Cabo: After the party town of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. A good choice for your Maltese fiesta on four legs.
  • Peanut: Good things come in small packages, much like the yummy food, so why not title your Maltese with this thought in mind?!
  • Basil: The meaning of Basil is "royal, kingly". Having been owned by many in the royalty, a good title for the male Maltese that carries itself well.
  • Lolita: Perfect for your canine flirt, all she has to do is sashay into a room one hip at a time and she’ll have everyone wrapped around her paw.
  • Bella: Meaning "beautiful", these pups are gorgeous when groomed.
  • Apollo: A humorous large sounding idea for the cute Maltese who barks at the mailman, but appreciates all the fan mail he receives.