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Fierce Female Dog Names

Dogs are so fluffy and cuddly. But not fierce dogs.

Fierce Female Dog Names

Name   Meaning
Smokey   A grayish blue colour. Slang for highway patrol officer
Zena   Life and zeus
Gonzo   Bizarre, unconventional, oddball.

Waylon   Land by the road
Ulrich   Powerful through his inheritance
Lennox   From Levenach
Hampton   Home or high settlement
Ophelia   Help
Manny   God is with us
Spider   An eight legged insect
Fang   Fragrant
Charlie   Free man
Castor   Beaver
Copper   A reddish brown metal - as in copper penny coins. Also slang for a police officer.
Tex   Of Texas
Archer   Bowman
Trooper   A state or mounted police officer. Also a member of a cavalry unit.
Vlad   Rule
Cash   Cash
Nitesh   Heartbeat Of The Earth
Artemis   Myth Name (Goddess Of The Hunt)
Flint   A flint-worker
Rock   Stone
Vito   Life
Thaddeus   Uncertain, perhaps praised or heart
Sam   He is called god
Goliath   Tall
Remington   Settlement on the boundary stream
Bruno   Armour
Lex   Defending men
Brendan   Prince
Duke   Duke
Hannibal   The grace of the god Ba'al
Schnapps   Variety of strong liquor usually associated with Holland
Duscha   Work
Hardy   Strong, hardy
Gunner   Battle
Joey   He will enlarge
Dakota   The allies
Ranger   Gamekeeper
Atilla   Beloved Father
Dutch   A German
Orrin   Little green one
Demon   Demon
Desmond   Man from south Munster
Axl   Father of peace
Spike   A long, thick sharp-pointed piece of wood or metal
Magnum   A large type of wine bottle.

Dawson   David's son
Brody   Muddy place
Damian   To tame
Maxima   The greatest
Shay   Supplanter
Chief   One in highest rank or authority.
Captain   A captain
Mojo   Good luck ch
Bruce   Surname Since Medieval Times: Now A Common Given Name. Folklore Tale Of 14Th Century Robert King Of Scotland: (The Bruce) Who Learned The Value Of Perseverance From Watching A Spider Spin A Web.
Porter   One who carries goods
Dee   Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With The Letter D.
Neo   New
Dusty   Thor's stone
Vinnie   Conquering
Rocco   Battle cry
Kahn   Small boat
Yogi   Master of oneself
Ryder   One who rides
Tito   Giant
Tyson   Son of Dye
Eugene   Well born
Dozer   One who sleeps lightly
Blue   Blue
Kasch   Like A Blackbird
Bat   Strong
Moose   Largest member of the deer family. Moose have heavy brown bodies with humped shoulders and broad antlers.
Jagger   Pedlar
Marco   From the god Mars
Bacchus   To shout
Caesar   Long Hair
Denver   Dane crossing
Oswald   Uncertain, possibly divine power
Paco   From France
Comet   A celestial body
Leander   Lion Man
Chance   Good fortune
Rex   King
Kassie   Abbreviation Of Cassandra. Unheeded Prophetess. In Homer's The Iliad Cassandra's Prediction Of The Fall Of Troy Was Unheeded.
Sylvester   A forest
Laddie   Young Attendant
Jasper   Treasurer
Spunky   Spirited, plucky.
Dandy   An elegant man.
Bull   The adult male of certain large animals like cattle and elephants
Pablo   S
Adonis   Lord
Chico   Boy
Alize   The Clouds Of Heaven
Leonidas   Lion-like
Valiant   Brave
Panther   A black leopard

Baby   Baby
Nana   Grace
Guy   Guide
Roxie   Star
Kodiak   Island
Helga   Holy
Samson   Sun
Terence   Uncertain
Nina   Strong
Renate   Reborn
Ford   River crossing
Lobo   Wolf
Kane   A spear
Pepper   Pepper
Mercy   Compassion
Arnaldo   Powerful eagle
Jezebel   Chaste, unmar
Leon   Lion
Billy   Will, desire and helmet, protection
Stone   Stone
Bronson   Brown's son
Xylon   Woods, wooded
Bruiser   A large heavyset man
Brick   Bridge.
Brownie   Moist chocolate cake with nuts
Brooklyn   Uncertain, perhaps broken land
Twister   A cyclone or tornado.
Storm   Violent weather
Demi   Earth mother
Hunter   Hunter
Digger   One that digs.
Sol   Peace
Santos   Saints
Wesley   Western meadow
Octavius   Eighth
Gracie   Good will
King   King's forest clearing
Luke   Man from Lucania
Bailey   Bailiff
Turbo   Driven by a turbine - turbocharged
Nyx   Night
Lou   Fame and war
Zada   Lucky
Marley   Pleasant wood
Marshall   Horse servant
Bella   My God is a vow
Ulysses   Walker
Buzz   To move quickly and busily, to bustle
Queenie   Female ruler
Chopper   Slang for helicopter. One who chops or cuts.
Scout   Observer
Titus   Of The Giants

Pink   Pink
Teva   Nature
Jet   Black gemstone
Leo   Lion
Chevy   Knight
Neron   Strong
Brock   Badger
Baron   Freeman
Hades   World of the dead or hell.
Luna   Moon
Jynx   Charm, Spell
Parker   Gamekeeper of a park
Manley   Common clearing
Coral   Coral
Ira   Watchful
Diablo   The Devil
Raven   Raven
Anneke   Grace
Titan   Powerful big man
Stetson   Son of Stephen
Fidel   Faithful
Nakia   Unconquered, unconquerable
Borden   Boar pasture
Satan   The Devil and adversary of God
Rosco   Roe deer wood
Crash   To smash into things, to break or dash to pieces. To join a party without invitation.
Winston   Joy stone
Kush   Deified hero of later hinduism
Saber   Patient
Tarzan   White skin
Roxy   Star
Robin   Bright fame
Major   Greater
Carlo   Free man
Magnus   Great
Sasha   Defending men
Niko   Victory of the people
Jess   Variant Of Jesse Jehovah Exists.
Thor   Thunder
Tank   A large metal container. A heavily armed combat vehicle
Echo   Echo

Dane   Honorable
Socrates   Uncertain
Nova   New
Ace   One
Niesha   Pure
Maddox   Good
Rebel   One that resists of defies authority
Chase   Huntsman
Boris   Battle, fight
Pancho   From France
Bullet   A metal cylinder shot from a rifle or gun. Used to express speed.
Maya   Uncertain, perhaps mother or great one
Zorro   Means fox
Spartacus   From the city of Sparta
Prince   Royal son
Jaws   Bones that form the mouth. A dangerous situation - "The Jaws of Death"
Maximus   The greatest
Boston   Botolph's town
Hercules   Grandiose gift
Chaz   Free man
Dempsey   Proud, haughty
Xena   Foreigner
Achilles   Lipless
Sniper   A skilled shooter who spots targets from a concealed place.
Molly   Uncertain, maybe bitter
Justice   Righteous
Clint   Settlement on the river Glyme
Koda   The allies
Todd   Fox
Clarence   Of Clare
Olivia   Elf army
Zelda   Gray warrior
Buck   He-goat
Harley   Hare clearing
Oliver   Elf army

Bear   Large mammal with large head, bulky body and coarse thick fur
Conan   Little wolf hound
Liberty   Freed
Harry   Home ruler
Nelson   Son of Neal
Weston   West enclosure
Brutus   Heavy, slow, foolish
Axel   Father of peace
Wyatt   Brave/strong/hardy war
Bully   An overbearing person, a ruffian
Gaspar   Treasure keeper
Jimbo   Supplanter
Atlas   Not enduring
Kenya   The country of Kenya
Aries   Battle strife
Ram   Pleasing
Bart   Son of Talmai
Cain   A spear
Bernard   Bear brave
Truman   Faithful man
Badger   Burrowing mammal with white stripe on forehead. Also verb to pester or harass.
Daisy   Day's eye
Doc   Short for doctor
Queen   Female ruler
Reagan   Descendent of Riagán
Corey   God's peace
Woody   Wood row, wood line
Peanut   Edible nuts eaten raw or roasted.
Phantom   Something elusive. A ghost
Brand   Sword
Bo   Handsome
Butch   Masculine in appearance or manner.
Onyx   A gemstone with bands of different colours.
Uzi   My Strength
Horace   Hour, time.
Tequila   An alcoholic liquor distilled from mescal.
Blade   Wealthy Glory
Jesse   Gift
Midnight   Intense darkness, the middle of the night
Chaos   Gaping void
Raja   Anticipation
Ceasar   Hairy Child, Long Haired
Scar   From The Lion King
Augustus   Venerated
Adrian   From Hadria
Kong   Empty, hollow, void
Nika   Victory
Ghost   A haunting spirit or memory. One who moves noiselessly.
Buddy   Herald
Buster   One that breaks up something
Zander   Abbreviation Of Alexander. Protector.
Mohawk   Native American Tribe Name
Medusa   Cunning
Kay   Pure
Maverick   Dissenter
Domino   Small, rectangular black and white blocks used in the game of dominos.
Rocky   Battle cry
Monster   A creature of frightening appearance
Damien   To tame
Bane   Long-Awaited Child
Bolton   Round hill
Geronimo   Sacred name
Oscar   Divine spear
Lucky   Fortunate
Sadie   Princess
Kato   [Pure]
Shaggy   Bushy and matted (hair), unkempt.
T-bone   A thick steak containing a T shaped bone.
Boomer   A large full grown kangaroo. A baby boomer.
Riley   Rye clearing
Neptune   God of the sea
Chloe   Means
Lilly   Lily
General   A high ranking officer in the military
Forest   Forest
Hector   Holding fast
Talli   Dew of God
Thunder   Stormy Tempered
Shepherd   One who guards sheeps
Griffin   Reddish
Zeus   Myth Name
Wolfe   Wolf
Abram   Father of a multitude or many nations
Dexter   Dyer of cloth
Bentley   Bent grass clearing
Ronin   Little seal
Sherman   One who shears cloth
Tanner   Tanner
Oakley   From the oak meadow
Orion   Son Of Fire
Ripley   Separate
Blaze   Stuttering
Shadow   Shadow
Mitsu   Bear
Max   Little Maximus
Chino   A coarse twilled cotton, tan coloured material
Tiger   Tiger
Juniper   Juniper bush
Stormy   Violent weather
Bogart   Orchard
Sarge   Noncommissioned Army or Air Force rank
Frances   From France
Indiana   Land of Indians
Sable   Sable (black)
Bud   Brother. Nickname Used Since Medieval Times.
Trixie   Voyager through life
Bandit   An outlaw or robber
Igor   Warrior archer
Chavez   Keys
Ajax   Mourner
Titian   Red-gold
Primo   First
Ichabod   Glory has departed
Bonnie   Pretty
Rabia   Springtime
Gia   Earth
Julius   Down-bearded youth
Wolf   Wolf
Montana   Mountainous