Why Evangelicals — Still! — Support Trump

If you leave out the part about him being a corrupt, immoral con man and bully, there’s lots for them to like.

United Tries To Salvage Their Terrible Reputation By Giving A Woman A $10,000 Voucher To Give Up Her Seat

A woman in Washington, DC put every “Hi, my name is Karen, and I’d like to speak to your manager” to shame by scoring a $10,000 voucher from United Airlines.

The Scientific Answer To Amelia Earhart Is Lost In A Pile Of Phantom Bones

'We work on bodies, not on phantoms."

Teens And Teachers Say 'Fortnite Mobile' Is Destroying Some Schools

Many schools have rules against cell phones, but judging from posts on social media, nothing can stop students from booting up the ruthless shooter.

'Rick And Morty' And The Rise Of The 'I'm A Piece Of Shit' Defense

Whatever causes guys to romanticize Rick's ongoing surrender to the monstrous version of himself leads as surely to the jettison of relationships by way of performative angst.

New Pop Culture Trend Alert: The Black Lady Therapist

Black Lady Therapists are taking the place of the Black Best Friend on TV shows from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" to "You're the Worst." Is this progress?

A History Of The Clapper, The Original Home Automation

The tale of The Clapper, a device that introduced millions of people to the idea of simple home automation. Would we have Alexa without it?

Want To Fight Crime? Plant Some Flowers With Your Neighbor

Instead of tough policing, neighborhoods can fight crime by working to clean up their own public spaces.

Being Frugal Is For The Rich

The Frugalwoods made a name for themselves teaching millennials how to save money. Trouble is, you have to start with a lot of it.

What Happens When A Robotic Dog And A Bipedal Robot Have A Playdate?

Turns out they bust out some sick dance moves.

Scenes From The Massive March For Our Lives Anti-Gun Protests

Marches are unfolding today in Washington DC and other cities as part of the March for Our Lives protest to demand an "end to this epidemic of mass school shootings."

For The First Time In History, Scientists Have Captured Two Deep-Sea Anglerfish Mating

Because they live thousands of feet underneath the ocean surface, it has been difficult capturing footage of this species.

Spotify Saved Music. Can It Save Itself?

Investors are about to decide whether it matters that the most popular music streaming service doesn't make any money.

Andrew McCabe: 'Not In My Worst Nightmares Did I Dream My FBI Career Would End This Way'

"Young people, don't let the way I was treated dissuade you from public service."

Some Simple Advice For Figuring Out How Much Screen Time To Give Your Child

NPR's Anya Kamenetz offers three simple rules to help foster an environment that allows for technological creativity without shutting off the outside world.

They Asked Ad Men To Create Anti-Gun Posters. These Were The Results

The creative community creates poster art for March for Our Lives.

Well, That's Certainly The Most Dangerous Way To De-Ice Your Windshield

Maybe this works? But really it just seems like a really great way to mess up your car and/or yourself.

Smashing Pumpkins Say They're Happy Now. Can They Keep It Together?

The dysfunctional '90s band is reuniting for a tour and new music. In his first interview about the reboot, Billy Corgan addresses his reputation head-on.

The Gentrification Of College Hoops

First-generation college students are starting to disappear from NCAA sports.

They Survived Columbine. Then Came Sandy Hook. And Parkland

Six Columbine survivors describe reliving the trauma of school shootings, over and over again.

Trump Orders Sweeping Trans Military Ban

The decision follows a Pentagon review but the Justice Department will still have to make the case in federal court.

What It Feels Like Living On The World's Most Crowded Island

There are 1,200 people living on Santa Cruz del Islote, which is the size of two soccer fields.

This Florida City Is 100% Solar-Powered

About 343,000 sun-hungry panels fuel Babcock Ranch, where residents are just starting to move in.

Here's What Happens If You Fall Asleep In A Display Bed

Some furniture store people get mad. Others don't give a shit and let you sleep two hours.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Regulation That Bans Bump Stock Devices

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said bump stocks fall within the definition of a machine gun.

The Real Story Behind Cambridge Analytica's Rise And Fall

The secretive data firm said it could move the minds of American voters. That wasn't its real victory.

See Everything Bad About Climate Change In A Single California Town

To some, Montecito might just seem like a town hit by a string of superlatively bad luck. But to people crunching the numbers it looks less like an outlier and more like an inevitability of climate change.

The Week's Coolest Space Images

Every day satellites are zooming through space, snapping incredible pictures of Earth, the solar system and outer space. Here are the highlights from this week.

The Best Photography Of The Week

The bikes China left behind, corporate office life in the 1970s and the freedom of the circus in Muslim countries.

Student Challenges Math Teacher To Break Dance, Teacher Delivers Big Time

Mr. Austen has won the grudging respect of his students and a homemade apple pie.

Woman Who Has Never Opened A Bottle Of Champagne Before Tries To Open A Bottle Of Champagne

This has us on the edge of our dang seats.

Why A Relationship Ending Doesn't Mean It Wasn't A Success

"When the time is short, we're readier to surrender our entrenched positions, to be unthreatened by novelties and dissonances."

How Subaru Became The Unofficial Car Of Vermont

How did Subaru become the unofficial car of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Washington and Oregon? It all has to do with a shrewd — some might say cynical — marketing decision made all the way back in 1971.

Here's Why You Never Get In A Moose's Personal Space

Sure, it's annoying when a moose is in the road and refuses to move. What's more annoying is having to buy yourself a new windshield.

The Internet Loves 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Memes, But Why?

Two Digg editors put their heads together to suss out why all our media feeds are routinely taken over by the sponge boi from Bikini Bottom.

Kid Recovering From Addiction Talks To Other Kids About Drugs And Sobering Up

"I was nine years old when I first smoked marijuana." "Whaaaaat?"

Hilarious Video Of A Dog Stealing A Woman's Phone

This dog just wants to play chase, and nothing is getting in the way of that. *Especially* not some dumb hunk of aluminum and glass.

Tesla Model X Casually Tows A 95,000-Pound Semi Truck Through The Snow

Torque, torque, torque, torque and torque. By the way, did we mention? Torque.

Elephant Breathes A Cloud Of Smoke, Bamboozling Scientists

Scientists are bamboozled, but their best guess so far is that the elephant is trying to eat wood charcoal and blowing away the ash before eating the rest. But we shouldn't rule out dragon elephants.

What To Know About The Terrible Anti-Trafficking Bill That Forced Craigslist To Shut Down Its Personals Section

A recently passed bill claims to protect women from sex trafficking. Sounds good, right? Not so much.

Elon Musk Just Deleted All Of His Companies' Facebook Pages In The Ultimate Troll Move

Say farewell to the pages for Tesla, SpaceX and any other Musk-owned venture with an official home on Facebook.

Brainwashing May Sound Like Fiction, But This Is How It Works In Real Life

This is supposed to be good scientific fun, so please don't view this as a manual to start a cult and control people's minds.

How The World's 13 Largest Metro Areas Would Fit Into The US

California is the the most populous state in the US. And it has roughly the same number of people as the Tokyo metropolitan area.

It's Really Hard To Enjoy Eating At A Lakeside Restaurant When Waves Are Crashing Through

We don't think this is what the patrons had in mind when they asked for a lakeside view.

Dog Has The Only Appropriate Reaction To Mom Playing 'Call Of Duty'

The fact that this mom appears to be not bad at "Call of Duty" is weirding the pup out.

Watch A Woman Destroy Her Marriage By Refusing To Stop Doing Her Alanis Morissette Impression

Some marriages break up due to drugs, alcohol or infidelity. This one is on the rocks because the wife cannot refrain from bellowing lines from "You Oughta Know" at her husband at inopportune moments.

Learn How To Be A Speed Reader

This course gives you a step-by-step blueprint the instructor uses to read — and comprehend — over 300 book per year.

The Woman Who Fought Bulls

“La Matadora Revisa Su Maquillaje (The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup)” was first published in May 2004 issue of Outside and is featured in the new anthology The Stories We Tell and appears here with permission.


Skier Takes Off A Jump And Just... Keeps Flying

​We've been watching skier Alex Hall hit this monster jump in Verbier, Switzerland on repeat and it gets better every time.

What Happens When An Algorithm Cuts Your Health Care

Even if the details of the algorithms are accessible, which isn’t always the case, they’re often beyond the understanding even of the people using them.

Here's What Puerto Rico Looks Like Six Months After Hurricane Maria

Six months after Hurricane Maria ravaged the Caribbean in September 2017, the island of Puerto Rico is still struggling to rebuild.

Here Are The Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live In

Next time you complain about a city in the US being expensive to live in, just remember: no city in the US is in the top 10 most expensive in the world.

The Suspected Austin Bomber Is Dead After Setting Off Explosion During Chase — Here's Everything We Know

On Wednesday morning, a 24-year-old man who police believed to be involved in six package bomb explosions across Austin blew himself up in his own car as police approached.

This VPN Blocks Ads While Also Preventing Tracking Online

Disconnect is an all-in-one tracker, ad blocker and VPN. It also just received nods from both 'The New York Times' and the SXSW Interactive Conference as one of the best privacy and security tools out there.

These Earplugs Protect Hearing Without Muffling Sound

These innovative hi-fi earplugs are designed to not just lower the decibels of your environment but enhance sound clarity. Get them here for 25% cheaper than on Amazon.

Police Release Video Footage Of Self-Driving Uber Car In The Moments Before It Killed A Pedestrian

The footage appears to show the driver distracted and the autonomous car maintaining speed in the seconds before the crash.

Want Job Security? Consider Getting Cisco Certified

If you want to work with networking technology, getting certified in Cisco Networking Systems (one of the world's largest, most powerful networking companies) is a good starting point.

Alex Wolff Tells Us How He Put Together An Awesome New Anthology Of Hoops Writing

The Library of America’s newest sports anthology, Basketball: Great Writing About America’s Game, is out and deserves a place on the shelf of any self-respecting hoops fan. We recently sat down with the book’s editor, longtime SI scribe Alex Wolff, and talked about why basketball, despite its reputation, might inspire…


The Best Power Strip For Frequent Flyers

Inevitably, the one available outlet will be located in the most inconvenient location possible. This portable power strip gives you enough outlets to charge all your devices and has a 5-foot cord so you can reach it from wherever you’re sitting.

The World Took So Much From Me, But Baseball Gave It Back

Originally featured in the anthology Birth of a Fan (Ed. Ron Fimrite), 1993, this essay appears here with permission.


Requiem For A Forgotten Globetrotter 

Originally published in the November, 1977 issue of Sport, and featured in the Library of America’s new basketball anthology, Basketball: Great Writing About America’s Game. It is reprinted here with permission.


Hope And Glory Turned The Blitz Into A Party

This review of Hope and Glory was originally published in the New Yorker (October 5, 1987) and appears here with permission.  


Before He Surrendered, Roberto Duran Was Looking To Harm

Originally published in Inside Sports (June, 1980), this story appears here with permission.


Serve Shishito Peppers at Your Super Bowl Party

When serving food to a large amount of drunk people, it is important to have a few high-impact crowd pleasers you can make quickly and easily. The blistered shishito pepper is just that, and it is made for dipping. (I, for one, am of the opinion that at least half of your Big Game spread should consist of dippable…


Amen To Sonny Liston, The Better Sinner

Joe Flaherty’s obituary for Sonny Liston originally appeared in The Village Voice (January 14, 1971) and is also featured in At the Fights. It appears here with permission.


Deadspin Interview: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new book We Were Eight Years In Power is eight previously published Atlantic essays each preceded by a new piece of writing that describes Coates’s intellectual, financial, and emotional state at the time of the piece, and musings on the Obama years. The eight new essays trace his journey from what…


René Magritte As Philosophical Detective

This essay was originally published in the Threepenny Review (1994), is featured in Sante’s anthology, Kill All Your Darlings, and appears here with the author’s permission.


Very Cool Bank Alert™

Along with bleeding-edge mobile banking technology, Radius Bank’s Hybrid account comes with time saving built-ins like budgeting tools and P2P payments and doesn’t charge any ATM fees. They’ll even reimburse you if other banks do.

Very Cool Bank Alert™

Along with bleeding-edge mobile banking technology, Radius Bank’s Hybrid account comes with time saving built-ins like budgeting tools and P2P payments and doesn’t charge any ATM fees. They’ll even reimburse you if other banks do.

Inside The Punishing Dictatorship That Was James Cameron's Titanic Set

This feature was originally published in the December, 1997 issue of Premiere magazine and appears here with permission.


The Black Stallion Takes Film Back To Its Elemental Beginnings

Originally published in the April, 1980 issue of Chicago Magazine, featured in the new anthology, Movies That Mattered, it appears here with permission.


How The Brothers Selmon Became The Most Admired Family In Football

First published as “The Brotherhood of Selmon” in the September 1980 issue of Inside Sports, this story appears here with permission.


The Eight Truths I Learned From Humping Athletes

This piece originally appeared in the April 1995 issue of GQ. It is reprinted here with permission.


Heaven Is A Down-And-Out Hockey Town

This piece originally appeared in the April, 1995 issue of GQ. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission.


Looking For Peace With The Man On The Wire

Originally published as “Philippe Petit: Slow Dancing on the High Wire” in the October, 1986 issue of New York Woman, this feature appears here with permission from the author.


Muhammad Ali's Desperate Twilight

Excerpted from Ali: A Life, By Jonathan Eig.


A Day On The Set Of Fat City, John Huston's Cult Classic

Originally published as “Up In Fat City: On The Set With Keach And Huston” in the Rolling Stone in 1971, this feature appears here with permission from Lewis’s estate.


The Legendary Baseball Photo That Almost Didn't Come Out Because The Stadium Was Shaking Too Hard

The baseball soared into the early-morning blackness, heading toward the left-field foul pole. Tracking the flight of the ball he’d just hit, Carlton Fisk began to frantically flap his arms in an effort to will it fair.


The Cubs Were Never More Themselves Than In 1979

The following is excerpted from The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse, by Rich Cohen.


John Carroll Lynch on playing the president, a killer clown, and the Coen brothers' warmest character

Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. The catch: They don’t know beforehand what roles we’ll ask them to talk about.


The Woeful Life Of Jake LaMotta

This piece originally appeared in the January 1981 issue of Inside Sports. It is reprinted here with permission of Jeanine Flaherty.


Harry Dean Stanton Was Too Big For His Niche

Originally published in the New York Times Magazine on November 16, 1986—and featured in Oney’s recent anthology, A Man’s World—this story appears here with the author’s permission.


Dan Rather Never Really Wanted This Job

Originally titled “Is Everything Okay?” this profile appeared in the April 1994 issue of GQ and is reprinted here with the author’s permission.


The Lonesome Sporting Life

Originally published in the February 1981 issue of Inside Sports, this piece appears here with the author’s permission.