This year’s format will slightly resemble that of the NCAA Final Four, with a few wrinkles of course. All teams have a shot at claiming this prestigious prize, provided they can bring their A-games for three straight weeks.

TEAMS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A SUBSTITUTE BOWLER THAT HAS NOT BEEN HANDICAPPED AT LEAST ONE EVENING IN THE REGULAR SEASON. In other words, if you need a sub, that person must have bowled at least one week during the regular season. There will be no exceptions.

The tournament will commence February 26th, and conclude the week of March 12th. The first order of business revolves around seeding the bracket, which is pretty straightforward. The regular season ends February 19th. The standings at the end of the night will determine the seeding for the first round, as follows:

1st place vs. 8th place
2nd place vs. 7th place
3rd place vs. 6th place
4th place vs. 5th place

Winning teams are determined throughout the tournament on a point basis (just like regular league play). In other words, if your team takes at least 4 of the 7 available points that week, you win the match.

The second week will pit the winners of the matches against the other winners, and the losers against the losers. It is important to note that first week losers can still take third place, and that awards will be given at the banquet for efforts other than First and Second. Long story short, even with a loss, prizes can still be claimed.

Week 3 (The Finals) gets a little tricky, and is easier to conceptualize with the help of the attached bracket. Here goes: The two teams that are 2-0 in the tournament will bowl for the title. The winner is the League Champion, the loser is Runner-Up.

At this point, there will be four teams with 1-1 records (trust me, it’s a mathematical certainty, but if you’ve got some time to pass at work and have already seen the entirety of Z’s website, see if it holds true). Every one of these teams has a chance at third place. As is detailed on the bracket, these teams will bowl each other, with two winners emerging. Of these two, the team with the higher 3rd week 3-game cumulative score (It’s the red one on the computer screen at the end of the night) is 3rd place. The other is 4th. Of the two losing teams, the one with the higher total pinfall is 5th, and the other is 6th.

There will also be two teams at 0-2 this week. These two will battle it out to determine which group will maintain their Mullet league cards, and which one will be forced to keep their own scores next year in Marigold’s Tuesday Night Nun’s League!

Hopefully, this clears up any questions that may be out there. If not, Z is more than happy to field e-mails calls from all the Old Milimullets, who by now have undoubtedly prepared a formal protest document, just in case!

Good luck to all. May your balls be true!!!

Mullet Bowling Committee