Dr. Odd's Makeovers

This is real simple. Vote off the person that least needs a makeover and each week the remaining contestants will have a procedure done to make them look better.

Vote someone off every week and the remaining contestants will get a makeover. Click on the pictures for full size.

Clint was VOTED OFF 5-27-04 -- Maddie was VOTED OFF (5-20-04) -- Felipe was VOTED OFF (5-13-04)

Who do you want to vote off Dr. Odd's Makeovers (Week 4)?


[ Results ]

Name: Parsley
Age: 28
Reason for Makeover: Wants to be a man

Name: Hunter
Age: 33
Reason for Makeover: Want free clothes

Name: Sasha
Age: 31
Reason for Makeover: My hair is on fire

Clint was VOTED OFF 5-27-04

Felipe was VOTED OFF 5-13-04

Maddie was VOTED OFF 5-20-04