Welcome to Dr. Odd's most recent adventure into the world of reality websites. We stole this idea from Survivor. We call it it The Leftovers because that is a synonym for survivor. I personally do not like leftovers. I like fresh food. Anyway this is really simple. Each week you will learn a little more about our contestants. And every week we ask you, the audience, to vote off one person. Whoever remains standing wins nothing. Fun. Determine who you think has the most boring, lame, or gross story and vote them off so you don't have to hear about what they do next week. Let's start.

April 8, 2003 - Christie and Susan were voted off. Sorry guys! Tony Wins! - April 1, 2003 - Carl was voted off. Sorry Carl! - March 25, 2003 - Samuel was voted off. Sorry Samuel! - March 18, 2003 - Nikolita was voted off. Sorry Nikolita! - March 11, 2003 - Stewart was voted off. Sorry Stewart! - March 4, 2003 - Nick was voted off. Sorry Nick!

Name: Tony
Age: 27
Occupation: Website Developer
Hobbies: Punk, Chicago sports, making webpages
Name: Christie
Age: 32
Occupation: High School Teacher
Hobbies: Rock, sports, volunteering
(Got voted off 4/8/03)
Name: Susan
Age: 27
Occupation: Advertising
Hobbies: Watching TV, cooking, weightlifting, neck thickening, and bowling
(Got voted off 4/8/03)
Name: Carl
Age: 34
Occupation: Guy at construction site with a clipboard
Hobbies: Bowling, drinking, collecting foam fan gear at sporting events
(Got voted off 4/1/03)
Name: Samuel
Age: 27 & 11/12
Occupation: Data Detective
Hobbies: Comic books, running, pizza
(Got voted off 3/25/03)
Name: Nikolita
Age: 26
Occupation: Customer Account Rep. Telecom Company
Hobbies: Belly dancing, hair weaving and soaking in bathtubs of tapioca pudding
(Got voted off 3/18/03)
Name: Stewart
Age: 28
Occupation: geek out with computers
Hobbies: Sports, booze, cats
(Got voted off 3/11/03)
Name: Nick
Age: 32
Occupation: Manager Business Analysis
Hobbies: Golf, softball, bratwursts
(Got voted off 3/4/03)

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