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Youth Group Games

Youth group games, ice breaker games & youth group ideas. User library of games, ideas and activities for youth groups.

Find youth group now. Great Group Games has free group game ideas to help you plan your activity.

Christians in the Catacombs

This is the game of sardines, but explain it with the story of how the early Christians met in the catacombs, but they still increased in number. One person hides in a dark place, and then as people find them, they join in hiding, until one person remains. It’s hide and seek, backwards.

Wadding Pool Kick Ball

Required: 3 wadding pools and one Kick Ball
Players: Medium to large groups

Borrow three wadding pools for this game. Set up on an open playing field. Use the wadding pools filled with water for bases. Now enjoy a great game of Kick Ball. You can also play baseball using the Fun Gripper Bat & Ball Set with this setup. Great for those hot summer days with the youth group. Caution, pools can be slippery.

Banana Surgery

Split your group up into smaller groups, and give each group a banana, cutting board and plastic knife.  Each group should cut the banana into 4 or 5 equal sized pieces.  (don't tell them what the next steps are at this point).

Then hand out banana surgery kits - pins, string, sticky tape, tooth picks, rubber bands etc.  The goal is for each group to reassemble the banana.

The lesson from this game is that some things (relationships, trust, reputation, bananas!) are easy to break but more difficult to put back together.  


Dodge ball with a twist. To start, everyone must have a hand on a nerf ball. Throw the ball up in the air and everyone scatters. Somebody grabs the ball in the air or off the ground. Whoever has the ball can only take two steps. After two steps, the player must throw the ball — dodge ball style — at another player. If the ball hits a player, that player sits down right where they are. BUT, they can still play, they just can’t move from their seated spot. If a player is hit by the ball and catches it, then the throwing player sits down. At any time sitting players can snag the ball if it rolls by, and they can throw it at standing players trying to get them out. The game ends when only one player is standing. Hint: it’s a good game for larger groups but its lacking in action if you have less than 10 people.

Lifesize Clue

The youth group gathers in the evening when the church is dark. They congregate in one lit room and one person goes to hide a large doll (any stuffed animal will work). That person also hides a “murder” weapon (hint: use goofy items to keep it light such as a spatula or telephone), then comes back and releases people out of the room one at a time. One random person will be given a flashlight and they are the “killer.” Players walk around and have to find the weapon and victim (doll). Players also need to know who the “killer” is without getting caught. Players are caught when the “killer” flashes the light at you. If the “killer” catches a player, they are out and have to go sit in the main room.

Fear Factor

Set up several stations that vary in grossness or scariness. Break kids in two teams and let them choose which stations they play. Assign points for each activity earned then add them up at the end to determine the winning team. Cuisine Station: Fill several large plates or bowls with your choice of sardines, pigs feet, frog legs, seaweed, etc. (look in the foreign food section at your local supermarkets). Place another empty container at the other side of the stage or the other end of the room. The student has a designated amount of time to grab one of the items in their mouth, run across the room and drop it into the empty container. They must transfer as many food items as possible in the amount of time given.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Assign points for odd items that students can find to take a picture with around the Church property or within a designated area. Get creative with your lists. Plan to do this at a time like VBS when much of the church staff is present so you can include silly ones like “do the air guitar with the worship pastor” or “do the disco with the children’s pastor.” Give them a time limit and deduct points for every minute they are late returning. The added bonus of this game is you automatically have some great photos of your students that you can put in the youth group room. If your at Ichthus this is a great way to capture photos of the week.

Car Stuff

Explain game before you bring them out to car. You could have a competition between sexes or classes. Each has thirty seconds to get as many as possible into (not on) a small car.

Cat Tails

You will need some strips of cloth (approx. 2-3 ft of fabric, cloth, plastic, cord etc...) for everyone who plays. The game is simple. Have everyone tuck the strips into the back of their pants or shorts so that approx. 2 feet of excess strip is left hanging. (Note this works great with young children as well). The object of the game is to pull all the other players tail off. The last one standing with their tail is the winner.

Have everyone run with their hands on their head- except when grabbing a tail. This prevents people from blocking and makes them look pretty funny.

Minute to Win It

This is a game show on NBC and its full of mini-challenges that must be completed within one minute. On the NBC website, you’ll find a list of all the games including a video tutorial, official rules, and a list of supplies needed for each game. There are more than 50 games you can choose from! Pick a handful of the ones you want to use then make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand. Watch an episode of the show on the website to play it like the pros do or create your own twist on the game.

Draw It

There’s two teams, each with a white board. Give them an word and the team has to guess the word they drew. This would be a good ice breaker activity before a lesson if you tie in themes from the lesson into the drawings.

Four on the Couch

The goal is to get 4 of your team onto the same couch. There must be one less seat than people in the room (must have a couch; you can play three on a couch if necessary). Divide into at least two teams and have everyone put their name in hat. Everyone draws a name and that becomes his/her new name for the game. But everyone should keep their names a secret. Now the person to the left of the empty seat in the room calls out a name. The person, who drew that name, now moves to the empty seat, and switches names with the person who called out the name. Now the person to the left of the new empty seat calls a name. You repeat the process. So you have to try to get to the empty the couch and call the right names to get folks on the couch. This takes some thinking but is fun and competitive in a non-athletic way.

Red-hot Poker

Everybody stands in a circle and hold hands. You have something in the middle of the circle (anything works, try a big 50 gallon trash can) and it is the red-hot poker. You then try to drag, push and pull one another into the red-hot poker. If you touch it or break hands then you are out. Play until you have the last one standing.

Slip ‘N Slide Kickball

If you have a group of athletic, competitive students this one is for you. Basically it’s kickball but you add a slip ‘n slide between the bases. Keep some band aids on hand for this one just in case.

Capture the Flag

This one needs no explanation, but feel free to add twists. Include more than one flag, take turns having the teams play offense and defense, play with three or four teams going against each other, etc.

Tug of War

This is another classic, but is always a hit with youth groups. Make it extra fun by doing it once a year and utilizing interesting competitions: students vs. leaders, boys vs. girls, senior high vs. junior high. The key to a good match-up is to put a small number of the strongest against a large number of the weakest. For example, take a handful senior high boys and place them against 30 middle schoolers.

Ultimate Duck-Duck-Goose or Duck-Duck-Goose-Inception

When there are more than 50 students, this game is a lot of fun. Play duck-duck-goose as you normally would, however when a few people get tagged and they go to the middle, then they begin another game of duck-duck-goose. I’ve played this game with 100 students before and they began a game within a game within a game within a game. Two other twists you can initiate are using a sponge while the person is going around and ducking to hold over people’s heads or having more than one person go around at a time.

Tap It Out Telephone

This ones great because you don’t need any supplies. It’s like telephone but instead of whispering something, you use your finger and draw the word on the person’s back. Everyone is in a straight line, with multiple teams doing this. First team that gets to the last person and has the correct word wins.

Name That Tune!

Divide students into teams and have one student face off against another student from the other team. Play five seconds of a popular song from iTunes and have them guess. If both students don’t know, let anyone call it out.

Musical Wardrobe

Items needed: 15-20+ articles of clothing (hats, scarves, blouses, pants, shoes, etc.) The bigger the group, the more items you will need.
It is a lot more fun if the items are "thrift store" type clothes (goofy, ugly, lashing, out of style, etc.) Make sure items are in good taste.

The game is played like "Hot Potato" (notice the CORRECT, old school, Dan Quail spelling of the word) in that you turn the music on, and pass the bag(s) of clothes around. When the music stops, the person left "holding the bag" must pick something out of the bag to put on. They must put it on as it would normally be worn, no cheating by setting it in their lap, throwing it over their shoulder, etc. Continue starting and stopping music until all the items are on people's bodies.

To end you can do a few different things: Vote on the "Best Dressed
Most clothes wins
Least amount of clothes wins

Fruit Basket Upset

Have group sit in a circle. Make sure each seat is clearly marked-- use chairs or mark places with tape. "Number" people off, but instead of saying, "one, two, three, four, five" say "apple, banana, orange, kiwi, peach" or whatever fruit you like. The more people you have, the more groups you may want. The last person is "It" and stands in the center of the circle.

Getting To Know You

You need a wide blanket or canvas to play this game. Divide the kids into two teams. Put two chairs (one for each team) about 2 meters apart facing each other. Assign two people who will hold one corner of the blanket such that the blanket is in a vertical position. This will prevent whoever sits in each chair from seeing the one sitting on the other. Each team will assign somebody per turn to sit on each chair. At the count of three the 2 people holding the blanket will release it causing it to fall down and reveal who is sitting on the chairs. The two people sitting on the chairs will immediately say the name of the one opposite them. The first between the two who names the person opposite him/her scores a point.

Seated Basketball

This one is a favorite because it requires strategy and teamwork. The game is divided up between two teams. The goal is to get a ball into a basket. This can be a basketball hoop, but I have found it just as fun playing it with laundry baskets placed on a table. Each player has their own chair and is played in rounds. At the beginning of a round, the players have a short amount of time to place their chairs in a position. Once placed, they are not allowed to move from their spot. They then must pass the ball to each other, without it getting intercepted by the opposing team. After each round the players become more strategic and shift from focusing on offense and defense. Whereas one round may consist of one team placing all their chairs around the opposing goal, they’ll quickly realize that they are unable to shoot from their location. Likewise, a team that has no one in the middle of the field is unable to make an adequate pass to their teammates. An interesting side effect of this game is the loner and unpopular student will often become the most passed to player. They are the ones that are open, because the opposing team neglects to place a chair next to them to guard.

Real World Bible Drills

Bible drills can be fun but with a twist on an old classic game, students can translate it into real life skills. Instead of saying a specific Bible verse like John 3:16, have them find narrative stories like David and Goliath. After doing a few of these narrative type stories, branch out even further. Have them lookup a passage of the Bible that someone can use if they feel deep sadness, struggle with addiction, feel lonely, etc. This really challenges the students to use critical thinking and provides them with skills they can use later in life.

Musical Squirt Gun

Have a group of 6 or seven up front. A loaded squirt gun is passed around until the music stops or until the leader says, "Stop". The person who is holding the squirt gun at that time must leave the game. But before he leaves, he may squirt the person on his left twice or on his right twice or once each. The last person is declared the winner. The gun must be passed with two hands and received with two hands (otherwise it will be frequently dropped and will break). It is best to have a second loaded squirt gun on hand to be substituted for the empty one. An assistant can refill the original gun, while the second one is being used. Be sure to emphasize that only two squirts are allowed, or you will be continually refilling the squirt guns.


Devise a number of questions and set up a board to play jeopardy. A fun twist to add is to create one or two categories that have nothing to do with the Bible. I always tried to add one about myself because the questions to think of were easy, and it helped new students get to know me.

Peanut Butter Sandwich Toss

Required: Jars of peanut butter, loaves of bread, & old clothes
Players: Small to large groups

Divide into two teams and choose one person from each team to wear the old clothes. Have two people from each team lather the shirt that the choosen player is wearing with two jars of peanut butter. The rest of the team is given the two allotted loaves of bread. On go the team will try and get the bread to stick by throwing it at the player with peanut butter. If on blacktop you can mark off a throw line. You are not allowed to touch the player to get the bread to stick. The player with peanut butter cannot use his hands to get any of the bread to stick. They can only pivot one-way or the other. They may not move forward or backward. When the bread is gone, whoever has the most bread stuck to the player will win the event.

My teens loved it; they think it’s a very fun game!!

Radiation Circles Game of the Month 3/03

Required: Chalk or tape, ties, blindfolds
Players: Small to large groups

Make 5 to 6 circles for each team about 25″ diameters. Set up a start line and stagger circles 12″ apart and then make a finish line for last member of team to cross. Set up teams of 4-8 players.

Mission: (To be told to players so they must pay attention and follow closely)

I don’t know if you realize it but your group has been selected to participate in a special mission. This is a team effort mission; we have been traveling in our Spaceship (______) but have recently found ourselves unavoidably caught in a meteor storm forcing us to land on the planet (_______). As part of this special mission, which has to do with research on friendships and interactions between neighbors we have ___ groups each of whom have their ankles joined together. There is a rescue shuttle that will take you safely back to the mother ship but you must exit the spacecraft to reach the shuttle in the distance. In front of you, you will see the vegetation circles, which lead to safety. If any part of you touches the surface outside of the circles your entire group must go back to the Spaceship Friendship to get rejuvenated.

Action: You have 5 minutes to develop an action plan, form lines, tie ankles together, and designate 1 mute player and 1 blind player for team.

Objective: The team while tied together must try to cross from the start to finish. It will require teamwork, leadership, and cooperation. Two of their players will be limited because one will not be allowed to talk and the other will be blindfolded and not know where they are going. If any one of the players steps off any of the circles the whole team must start over.

Discussion after the event: Did your team come up with a specific plan of action? Did you notice any patterns of leadership styles? (Group dynamics) How did you feel when you were depending on others to get you through but they let you down?

Road Rally Game of the Month 11/07

Required: A lot of work but very fun!!
Players: Medium to large groups

Plan out a road rally with your group. Have someone plan the route and make up clues that will have to be solved at each location. Have adult drivers and 4-6 participants per car. At the starting point they will have to solve a clue that will send them in search of the next clue somewhere within a two to three mile radius. They might have to unscramble the clues or use a bible to look up information. At one location you could make them solve one more mystery in order for them to pick the correct envelope. The team to arrive at the last location first is the winning team. You can provide maps that might have clues on them and phone number to call for help. Have the last clue direct all teams to a location where everyone will eventually end up for a party and swapping funny stories about their adventures. Note: Make sure you have a flashlight, cell phone and a map of the area.

Roller Coaster Game of the Month 9/06

Required: 5-8 chairs and volunteers
Players: Medium to large groups

Here’s a game and lesson plan for your junior high or high school age youth group. Pull 5-8 volunteers out from your group of youth to do this demonstration. Take them away from the group or into another room and instruct them that they are to pretend that they are all on a roller coaster. They cannot say what they are doing, but they can howler, shake, lean to the side, raise their arms or what they feel the best way to convince the group that they are on a roller coaster. While the volunteers are away from the group explain to the group something different. Stay with me on this one there is a lesson. Explain to them that the volunteers think that they are on a roller coaster but imagine that they are really on a toilet. After watching the expressions from both groups tell the volunteers to try and get the others to join them without them leaving their seats. Finally explain to the volunteers what has really happened. Then have the whole group rethink and talk about what happens when a person tries drugs. Are they lead to believe it’s going to be something different than what it really is? What about getting physically involved with someone? What are the true dangers of not knowing the whole truth or outcome of any important decision that they might make?

Soda-Pop Shove

Required: Brown paper bags, smooshy or smooshable foods, big plastic soda bottles, clothes or shirt to get messy in, table and dish pan or wipes for hands
Players: Small to medium groups

Line the youth up into 2 or more team lines a few feet from a table and have each team send one person at a time up to the table where the paper bags and soda bottles are. Without looking in their assigned bags they are to pull out one smooshy item. As fast as they can, they are to smoosh whatever they pull out of the bag into the tiny opening of the plastic soda bottle. When they finished, “with the approval of the table judge”, have them run back to the line and switch with another team mate. The nastier and messier the product the more fun it is. Don’t be afraid to make your own creation (butter mixed with flower and chocolate). The first team done is the winner. Try to stay away from openings cans so that they don’t rush and cut themselves. Here are examples of items to use: cat food, peaches, sticks of butter, bananas, grapes, pudding cups, ice cream cups (cold), marshmallows and maybe sardines. You can put items in zip lock bags within the bag.

Spam Lovers Carving

Required: Cans of Spam, plastic knives, forks, spoons and plates

Yes, it does stink, but I think it tastes good. If you can, have each child bring in one can of Spam. Those that don’t care to participate don’t have to. Each student will be given one can of Spam, plastic ware to carve with and a plate. If you are limited as to how many cans you have, students can team up. The individual or team with the best Spam carving wins. You can have many winning classifications in this event. At the end have everyone taste this yummy product.

Three Part String Game Game of the Month 10/06

Required: String, spoon and bagels
Players: Small to large groups

Set up teams of 8-10 players and give each team string, one spoon, and one bagel. You don’t have to use a spoon with this game but it will make the game go quicker. One thing you can do with the spoon is put them on ice, which will make them icy cold and definitely get the kids attention. Each spoon should have a spool of string or yarn tied tightly to it. Have each team line up in a straight line and on go, the first player will thread the spoon through their clothes (from top of the shirt down through the pant leg) and then pull the string through and the next player will do the same so that all teams players will be attached together with the string. Once they get going pretty good, then instruct them that there are two more elements to the game. When the string reaches the end player, the end player is to take one bagel and string it back through the string and all do the same until is reaches first player. Once the bagel has reached the beginning, the players must slowly and carefully unstring themselves. Once this has been accomplished then one player or the whole team must eat the bagel. The first team done is the winner.

Underwear Relay

Required: Extra extra large white cotton underwear
Players: Small to large groups

Separate players into teams and give each team one set of underwear. Show all players what point they are to run to during the relay. Once all players understand the course then have them line up into teams. Then inform them that there is one more rule to the game, it takes two players per team back to back in the underwear to play the game. The first team to complete the course is the winner.

Whipped Cream Cheese Puff Toss

Required: Whipped cream, cheese puffs and plastic aprons
Players: Small to large groups

Divide up into teams and one person from each team will need to wear an apron or old t-shirt for this game. Leaders could be the designated receipt ants if they dare. Each team will have one person that has been allotted several scoops of whipped cream on a plate and when signaled will apply the allotment to the face of the designated player. Each team will be given a bag or an allowance of cheese puffs and standing several feet away from the whipped cream faced player, toss the cheese puffs trying to get them to stick. The team with the most cheese puffs attached is the winner.

The players should be thankful that they don’t have big honkin zits that look like cheese puffs. Make sure you have a camera handy for those awesome pictures. Avoid getting any whip cream in the eyes and you may want to keep the eyes closed while being tossed at or use obnoxious sunglasses for protection and laughs.
Submitted by Jeremy from the music group Down Here”

$1000 Bill Exchange 

For this game you need to make your own money on your computer (be sure it's clearly phony or it might be a federal offense). Give each person 10 of the bills. They are to try to win as many as possible from their peers by challenging them one on one doing one of three things: 

Thumb wrestling 
Rock, paper, scissors 
Flipping a coin 

You must accept any challenge 
Sudden death, no two out of three 
Challenger has to have a coin and is "heads" on the coin toss.


This is a good game to divide into teams for the day/evening. Have pre-made cards for more than enough kids. Come up with as many animals as you want teams that night(If you want four teams, have four animals). If you predict 35 kids that night make forty cards, four groups of ten. Each group of ten cards will have a particular animal written on it (so you will have 10 chicken cards, 10 cow cards, 10 donkey cards and 10 pig cards). Hand out cards randomly to the kids and tell them to not tell anyone their animal. When you give the signal, have them make the sound of their animal as loud as possible until they find their entire group. First group to totally find each other wins. 

This is also a great way to split your group up into teams for more games! 

Put a twist on the game by putting in only ONE card that says "donkey" and giving it to a very secure student (but don't tell him/her they're the only donkey). 

After all of the animals have found each other, there will still be one poor kid out there Hee-Hawing his head off to no avail! 

Balloon Stomp

Pop! Try to stomp on each other's balloons. Be the only team with your balloons left intact!

Battle of the Sexes

Test each teams' knowledge of the opposite gender- sports, fashion and more!

The Best Game 

This game showcases hidden and incredibly random talents and skills. Fun group game, especially for groups getting to know one another.

The Blob

Active game for kids- If the Blob touches you, you'll be part of the Blob.

The Build Tower Game 

Great creative group game- See whose team can build the highest tower using newspapers!

Chair Basketball 

Toss the balloon in the basket, while sitting in chairs!

Company Slogan and Tagline Game

Test your corporate slogan & tagline knowledge now!


Alka-Seltzer Fizz

Divide into two teams. Have one volunteer on each team lie on his/her back with a Dixie cup in their mouth (bottom part in the mouth so that the opening is facing up). Inside the cup are two alka-seltzers. Have each team stand ten feet away from person on the ground with pitchers of water next to the front. On “go,” each team sends one member at a time with a mouthful of water to the feet of the person lying on the ground. They then spit the water out of their mouths, aiming for the cup. Once they’ve spit all the water they have in their mouth, they run to the end of the line where the next person does the same. The first team to get the alka-seltzer to fizz wins.

Ankle Balloon Pop

Give everyone a balloon and a piece of string or yarn. Have them blow up the balloon and tie it to their
ankle. Then announce that they are to try to stomp out other people's balloons while keeping their own safe. Last person with a blown up balloon wins.

Ask The Sage

A good game for younger teens. Ask several volunteers to agree to be "Wise Sages" for the evening. Ask them to dress up (optional) and wait in several different rooms in your facility. The farther apart the Sages are the better. Next, prepare a sheet for each youth that has questions that only a "Sage" would be able to answer. They can be fun, silly, serious or related to your talk. Each Sage should have the answer to only one or two questions.

Give out your question sheet and a pen to each youth. They must look for the Sages throughout the building. They are allowed to open the door and check to see if a Sage is there. If there is, they must close the door and petition the Sage to grant him or her an audience. They do this by saying these exact words..."OH GREAT WISE SAGE, MAY I ENTER?" If they mess up this phrase, the Sage will tell them to come back later. Youth must go from Sage to Sage and cannot go to the same Sage twice in a row.

If the youth gains an audience with a sage, He may ask a question, but once again, he/she must use the correct phrase..."OH GREAT WISE SAGE...(And then the Question)". If they fail to say the correct phrase, the Sage would say something like this..."You have not asked correctly". If the question is phrased correctly, then the Sage may answer. If the Sage does not know the answer to THAT question, the Sage should say something like... "I truly do not know". In that case, the youth should make note not to ask that Sage the same question again.

If the question is asked correctly, and the Sage knows the answer, then the youth gets a correct answer. The first youth with all the answers wins. This game stretches youth to be very deliberate with their words.

Barnyard Animals

Have everyone given a slip of paper, which identifies them as a certain animal. Turn out the lights (maybe), then have everyone mill around on their hands and knees making their appropriate animal sounds to forms groups of that animal. At time the group with the most assembled wins.

Blind Man’s Bacon

Like steal the bacon except have each team blindfold their person who crawls to a squirt gun or water bottle by directions shouted by their team and then tries to squirt their opponent again with directions from their
team. Points are only given if the opponent has not crawled back into their “safe” zone. Move the squirt bottle around while the individuals are being blindfolded.

Bill Exchange

For this game you need to make your own money on your computer (careful- it might be a federal offense). Give each person 10 of the bills. They are to try to win as many as possible from their peers by challenging them one on one doing one of three things: thumb wrestling, rock, paper, scissors, or flipping a coin. You must accept any challenge. All games are sudden death (not two out of three).

Blind Shoe Grab

Arrange chairs in a circle. All of the Cinderellas (girls) in the group select a chair. The Prince Charmings (boys) each pick a girl and kneel in front of her. He removes her shoes and holds them in his hand. Then the girls blindfold the guys. The leader calls for the shoes and they are thrown into the middle of the circle. On the signal, the guys crawl to the center and attempt to find their Cinderella’s shoes. The girls can only shout out instructions to her prince. After finding the shoes they crawl back to the girls and put shoes on right feet.

British Bulldog

This is a good game to release a lot of energy. Divide into two teams and have them each get to one side of the room, divided by a line down the middle. The object of this game is for teams to try to convert members of the opposite team to their own team. How? Easy. A team member runs to the opposite team's side and tries to lift an opposite team member into the air. While lifting the opposite team member you must yell "British Bulldog." If done successfully you both have free walk back to the lifter's original side, which just gained a new team member. While on the opposite teams side, you, of course can be lifted as well and converted to that team (if not on a free walk back). Winning team is the one that gets everyone.

Bug Collecting

Buy a bag or more of those little plastic insects and scatter them around the room. Give each person a flashlight. Turn out the lights and have them try to find the bugs. This game could be called "Animal Safari" if you used little plastic wild animals.

Build Your Own Snowman

For each contestant have a bag full of assorted snowman accessories such as a hat, scarf, mittens, a carrot etc. and a pair of safety goggles, a can of shaving cream and a set of clothes to go over their clothes for protection. Each team has a designated amount of time to use the shaving cream to cover their snowman and put all of the accessories on. The team to make the nicest looking snowman wins.

Everybody's It 

Easy 15 - 20 minute game. Brings a new twist to the regular game of tag. Great game for those who like to run around.


Squeeze your teammate's hand as quickly as possible- only if the coin comes up as heads!


Fun-filled word and memory game- Charades, Taboo and Password combined! Little preparation required.

Four On A Couch 

Fun strategic memory game for medium to large groups. Great for teenagers to adults!


Divide group into equally numbered teams. You can play this with two teams or two hundred teams, it makes no difference. For each team you will need to assign them a color that you can find balloons to match. Beforehand you will need to blow up an equal number of balloons for each team, the more the better the game. You will also need to acquire some Ping-Pong balls. With the Ping-Pong balls you will write
letters on that spell out a word. You will take the balls and put them into some of the balloons (one word for
team) as you are blowing them up. It is a good idea to use a common long word like Baseball or Dinosaur. You may use the same word for all teams, different words, the words can connect, it is up to you. Put all of the balloons in the middle and mix them up. Scatter the teams so that each team is an equal distance away from the balloons. Have the teams line up. The game kind of works like a relay in that once you say go, the teams will send one player to the middle to retrieve one of their balloons, when they return, another player from the team may go, etc. As the team gets balloons, they will pop them to find a Ping-Pong ball (or perhaps no Ping-Pong ball). The team that correctly spells out the word first wins. In warm weather, this game would make a great pool game.

Butt Charades

Cut up slips of paper with words on them and put them into a bag. Break up into two teams. Get a volunteer from each team to spell the word he/she took out of the bag by moving their hips (spelling the words with their butts!). (Make sure they do not say a word to give away clues.) If their team does not figure out the word after two spellings, the other team gets to guess. Make it interesting by the words you pick, try to keep it clean.

Catch the Dragon's Tail

(Good game for picnics or big gatherings. There is no winner or loser.) Number of players: 10-30 kids
Playing Site: Large open area
Items needed: A large scarf or handkerchief
Time: 15-45 minutes
Object of the game: The first person in the line tries to catch the last person in line.

All the players line up and put their hands on the waist of the person in front of them. The last person in line tucks one end of the scarf in his back pocket, belt, or waistband. The first person in lines tries to grab the scarf. When the "head" gets the "tail", he dons the scarf and becomes the new tail. The person second in line becomes the head.

Variation: Form two or more teams, each being a "dragon" trying to catch the others tail.

Clumps (Pull Apart)

This is the heinous game where all the guys link up (get in a big pile and hug, grab each other, whatever necessary to try to stay linked together) and when you say "go," the girls try to pull them apart. Once a guy is pulled to where he isn't touching any other guys, he's out and needs to go sit down. Last two guys together are the winners.

CAUTION: Not advised to reverse the gender roles on this game.


Have the group mill around, call out a number. People have 30 seconds to be found in a group of that number. If you called out 3 then groups of 2 or 4 will be eliminated. Groups can steal a person from another group, or defend itself against an interloper who would attach and disqualify all of them.

Cowboy King

Get five or more guys to be blindfolded horses, and five girls to be riders. Riders will try to guide their horse to another horse and rider to “blast them!” Here’s how it works. After blindfolding the “horse,” the rider puts a
cup of ice (ammo), in the horse’s mouth. The rider guides the horse by pulling on its ears. The only command they can yell is "FIRE." When this command is yelled, the horse spits the ice from its mouth and tries to hit an opponent. The rider then reloads her horse with ice. If a rider gets hit twice, she is out. If it is a hard floor have kneepads for guys. Use western music.

CPW (cotton projectile wars)

Divide into two teams and give each member a straw and a pile of Q-tips. One team member from each side sits on their side of the room on a chair with a paper cup on their head. The object is to knock the opposite team's paper cup off the person's head by blowing the Q-tips through the straws. No blocking Q-tips by anyone during the battle.

Criss Cross

Divide into 4 teams. Send each team into a corner. The object of the game is to see which team can get to the opposite (diagonal) corner the fastest using the designated method that the leader calls out (eg. if the leader calls out "hopping," the teams must hop to the opposite corner). This will create quite a "bottleneck" or "traffic jam" in the middle each time. Keep score of which team wins each crossing. First team to 5 wins.

Good Crossing Methods: Hopping

Wheel barrel (one person holding a partner's legs while they walk on hands)
Crab Walk
Backwards Walk Skipping Crawling

Do You Love Your Neighbor?

You need chairs for this game. Have everyone sit in a circle. There should be one less seat than there are people, and the extra person stands in the middle. The person standing approaches someone who is seated and asks him, "Do you love your neighbor?" The seated person can answer two ways. If he says, "No," then the people seated directly next to him have to switch seats as quickly as possible so that the standing
person doesn't get one. If he says, "Yes," he must add a qualify statement such as, "But I don't like people
who have blue eyes." Anyone who matches the description must get up and find a different seat. Whoever is left standing is then the "asker."

Drip, Drip, Drop

Just like Duck, Duck, Goose except with a cup of water that the person drips, drips, drips then drops on the person they want to chase them around the circle!

Duct Tape Challenge

Divide into even teams and have each team select a volunteer- preferably a small, light one. Give each team a roll of duct tape. The object is to tape a team member up on to the wall, using no more than the provided role of tape. The one who stays up the longest is the winner.

Hint: Make sure you use the tape that doesn't leave sticky stuff on the wall or tear off paint (especially in rented or borrowed facilities!) Provide a soft landing for youth as they drop off the wall!

Electric Fence

For this game you need two poles and a piece of rope or string. The rope is tied between the two poles, about four feet off the floor. You can divide into teams, or, I recommend that you do this as a group (great activity to make a group work together as a team). The object of the games is for the entire team to get over
the "electric fence" (the rope) without getting "electrocuted" (touching the rope). Each team member goes one at a time, with or without help from his or her teammates.

What makes this game interesting is that even though one player goes over the rope at a time, the other team members can help any way they want. Once a person is over the fence, however, he or she must stay over the fence and not come back around to help anyone. So the last person each time must somehow get over the fence without help from the other side. This game requires lots of teamwork and cooperation.

If you do this with multiple teams, competing with each other, have them each send one member over at a time. You can start with a low rope and make the rope higher and higher each turn. Teams can be eliminated entirely if one person touches the fence, or you can eliminate individual members only as the rope gets higher and higher. Make sure your teams are evenly divided according to height, age, and sex.

Elf Defense

SUPPLIES NEEDED: two different colored balloons, 25 to 50 of each for two teams of play.

Form two teams of elves. Each team must defend its treasure (a pile of balloons) while attempting to steal or destroy the other team's treasure. Use one color of balloons for one team, and another color for the other team. Designate a time period (five to 10 minutes) to play the game. When the time ends, each team's un- popped balloons count 100 points each. Stolen, un-popped balloons count 200 points each.


This is a simple game that tests kids ability to think fast. Divide into teams (usually divide into girls and guys for good competition). Yell out a word that is commonly found in songs (love, road, river, girl, baby, need). The teams must sing a song in unison (together) using that word. The first team to do it wins a point.

Foot to Ear

This is kind of like musical chairs, but much, much better. It works best with an even # of guys and girls (you can make other divisions work- but we'll just talk about guy/girl now). Have the girls stand in a circle. Now have the guys stand outside of the circle of girls, each guy next to one girl, his partner for the game. Have the inner circle (girls) walk clockwise when the music begins and the outer circle (guys) walk counter- clockwise. When the music stops the leader will yell out two body parts (e.g. "foot to ear"). The girl's part is always first (ladies first) and the guy's is second. When the music stops and the leader yells the body parts the partners need to run straight to each other and put those designated body parts together (e.g. the girl would run to the guy and put her foot on his ear). Think before you yell body parts (e.g. don't yell "chest to head").

Gorilla Man Gun

This is the same as rock, paper, and scissors. The gorilla takes man, man takes gun, and gun takes gorilla. Winners take losers to their side.

Grab It

Divide into two teams. Put them into two lines parallel and next to one another (about 3 feet apart) sitting down and holding hands. At the back of the line put a bucket of water with a bar of soap in it (if this is on carpet, put a layer of towels down- the water tends to splash, then drip . . . let's face it . . . this is a messy game!) between the two lines. Stand at the head of the lines with a quarter in your hand. Instruct them that you are going to flip the quarter so only the first person in line can see the results. They are not to yell out how the quarter landed or even look back at their team. If the quarter lands on heads the persons in front are to squeeze their hands. The rest of the line is to squeeze their hands if their other hand is squeezed so that they can communicate to the last person in the line that the quarter is indeed heads not tails. If the last
person in line has their hand squeezed than they are to try to grab the soap out of the bucket before the last
person on the other team does. The person successful in retrieving the soap gets to go to the front of the line. The problem arrives however when the message is wrongly communicated to the person in back and they grab the soap only to find out that the quarter was actually tails. At that point the person in front must go to the back of the line. The first team to get their entire team forward in line (back person to front- not front to back), wins.

Grocery Bag Yoga

You take a regular paper grocery bag and set it in the middle of the floor with the kids all around it in a circle. The object is for each youth to try and pick it up by their teeth while standing on one leg and NOT touching the floor (if you touch the floor or fall, you're out!). Once they do it, they tear off the piece that was in their mouth. Then the next youth goes. Now, after so many go, the bad gets shorter and shorter. Eventually, they realize that they can tear a big piece or small piece! The bag ends up getting so short kids loose their balance and fall.

Ha Ha Game

Get every one to lay down on the floor next to each other in a line. The first person in the line say's "ha", the second "ha ha," the third "ha ha ha," and so on. You can never get to the end of the line because every one starts laughing. You can also line up two lines of people and do it as a race.

Pickle Torpedo’s Game of the Month 7/05

Required: Paper table cloth in a roll, miniature pickles (round in shape), red and blue marker to mark the landing for the girls and boys, tape measure
Players: Small to medium groups

Line up in two teams with the first player in each team standing side by side at the end of a table cloth rolled out on the ground. Give the first two players a pickle (or in this case a torpedo). Count down from three and let them launch the torpedos from their mouths. Teams then rotate through all players (give each player their own pickle). With tape measure, add total distance for each team. The best team total wins.

Progressive Dinner

Required: Sponsor homes, selectons for four-course meals
Players: Medium to large groups

Set up homes with one part of a three or four course meal. The first home could have appetizers, the next home salads, the main course at a third home and a final home for the dessert. The host homes can have assigned participants to bring part of the meal and all the host homes have to do is provide place settings and drinks. If possible have parents drop off their part of the meal ahead of time before the event takes place. Set up between 6 to 12 guests per home depending on the host homes availability. If you have a large group, have multiple homes doing the same menu and spilt the guests for the next course. If you have 8 guests, 4 will always be together but will met up with 4 others at each different home they visit. It will allow the guests to associate with other kids. Do this so they get to know other kids they’ve never talked with on a more personal level. For the last course all guests could meet at one place that could hold everyone. This would have to be somewhere that could hold the entire group like at a designated building or church. Set up some type of lesson plan that will continue at each location. Be creative, break down those walls and have fun. Kids act differently when they are at home and they will see that other kids are just as normal as they are.


Hannah's Game

Each player writes a name on a slip of paper and then passes it to the judge. After the judge receives all the slips, he mixes them up and writes the names on the board. The judge picks a person to start.

The person (Frank) chooses someone in the game and guesses what their name might be. "Bob", I think you're Cinderella." If Frank is correct, Bob in now on Frank's team. Later, if Frank's name is guessed, both Frank and Bob join the other's team.

Frank continues to guess people's names until he guesses wrong. The last person he asks now gets to guess. Play continues until all but two players have been guessed. The winner is the player with the most people on his team.

Human Christmas Tree

You can play this as an up front game or, if you have a small group, just divide your group into teams. Have as many teams of 3 or 4 as you want. Designate one person "the Christmas tree," and the other team members "the decorators." Each decorator has a bag full of Ornaments, lights, any Tree decorations. Give each team 5 minutes to decorate partner, when finished turn off all the lights and plug in Christmas Trees.
Student lights up like a tree.

Human Scrabble

Break the youth up into groups of about 10. Give each person a sheet of paper, marker, and a piece of tape. Have each person write a letter of the alphabet on the paper and tape it to the front of his or her shirt. Now give the teams 4 minutes to come up with as many words as possible using the letters on their chests. Minimum 3 letters per word. Give each team 2 points for each letter used and an additional 5 points if it is a biblical word. The team with the most points wins.

Human Snowball

Shred a bunch of paper and spread it on the floor in an empty room or corner of your youth room. Split the youth in two teams and give each team a roll of duck tape. Have each team select one member to be the "snowball". Give them 2-3 minutes to wrap that person in duck tape with the sticky side out (this isn’t easy). Once they are wrapped up, let two members of each team take their snowball person into the room full of paper and give them one minute to roll that person around on the floor. The team that makes the biggest "snowball" wins.

Ibble Dibble

This game sounds confusing, but read it through a couple times if you have to. Once you try it you’ll get it. Students love it because they get marked up. Everyone stands or sits in a circle. Number everyone off. You need a paintbrush and some red paint (poster paint).

No.1 starts off by saying, "Ibble Dibble no.1 with no Iblle Dibbles, calling Ibble Dibble no. (choose) with no
Ibble Dibbles”.

Then that person must respond and choose another person by saying, "Ibble Dibble no. (whatever # they are) with no Iblle Dibbles, calling Ibble Dibble no. (choose) with no Ibble Dibbles”.

If a person makes a mistake, then they receive an Ibble Dibble (a spot of red paint on their cheek).

That person then carries on with, "Ibble Dibble no. (x) with one Ibble Dibble calling Ibble Dibble no. (x) with no Ibble Dibbles” (or how many they do have).

Invention Convention

All you need is a bunch of junk! Get a special trash bag and label 'for game'. Have your staff and parents collect a bunch of their old junk (empty cans, broken appliances, boxes, empty toilet paper, tubes, etc.).

Then, when you are going to play, assemble the kids in groups. Give them each a little bit of trash and one roll of duct tape and some paint. They have five minutes to create the weirdest, funniest, artistic sculpture out of the junk.

Jail Break

Two teams (sometimes played leaders against students). The leaders try to catch the students and put them in prison. In the gym (or main meeting room) area the leaders can catch students by hitting them with something like a nerf ball. Outside the gym, however, the leaders need to actually tag them.

Here is where it gets tricky: leaders Can ONLY run in the gym. They are free to run as fast as they want anywhere they want in the gym, trying to protect a designated jail in the gym. Out side of the gym the leaders are very robot-like. They have to walk AND they can only turn if they touch a wall or come to the edge of a designated boundary/perimeter. Leaders have to strategize and maybe use three leaders to trap one student.

Prison: students go to prison if they are hit with a nerf ball or if they have been tagged. Students can get free only when another student touches the prison. Watch-out - once you are free the leaders can throw balls at you.

Always make the prison in the gym. Make sure the students know you cannot run outside the gym. Make sure the leaders know they cannot turn in any direction outside the gym area unless they touch a wall in front of them or come to the edge of a designated boundary/perimeter. Lights are on in the gym and off everywhere else.


Everybody sits in a chair but one person. The chairs are scattered all over the room. The person standing has a set of keys in his hand. With his other hand he grabs someone's hand. This person gets up and follows the leader who weaves in and out of the chairs in the room. The person who has gotten out of their chair then grabs someone else's hand that grabs another person’s hand. This keeps going until the leader drops the keys on the floor then everyone standing runs and sits in a chair. The person left standing is the new leader. Playing music really adds to the fun of this game!

King Elephant

This game is in addition to the rules of Silent Animal Game. We call it King Elephant because the object is to go around the circle until we get to be King Elephant. The game is the same that you have animal symbols and as you move a chair you become a new animal. We try to put animals in order of the food chain, ie.
after elephant, we have lion, tiger, bear, crocodile etc. down to snake, bird and worm. Worm is just a single finger bent and wiggling. We also include a clapping beat to go with the game that King Elephant controls and can increase in speed. We clap twice palms down on our knees and I clap with hands together. On the last clap is when the participant does their symbol. For example: knee clap, knee clap, hand symbol (ie. worm wiggles finger), knee clap, knee clap, another symbol ( ie. two hands come out like claws for bear) then the bear person does the same not missing a beat, knee clap, knee clap, bear symbol, knee clap, knee clap, next symbol. Same as the other game, if the participant makes a mistake, they become the worm and everyone moves up. Object is to try to be king by knocking out anyone in front of you. Some examples of animals that we use:

Bird - two hands together with thumbs locked, flying like a bird
Chicken - hands under armpits and arms flapping
Crocodile - arms extended with one hand facing down, other up, clapping together
Bear - two hands out like claws
Tiger - hands with fingers spread apart placed on cheeks to look like stripes Lion - hands above head and connected like a circle - just looks big I guess Raccoon - index finger and thumbs together like a circle and put in front of eyes Snake - make a snake movement with one out-stretched arm
Giraffe - one hand up above head fully extended with hand bent at wrist
Rooster - palm facing to left or right, brought to forehead
Monkey - pull ears out from head with hands
Beaver - bring to fingers bent to mouth like big teeth
Worm - wiggling one bent finger
Elephant - one arm extended away from nose, other arm wrapped around and grabbing the nose (hardest one to do, thus challenging to try and stay King)

Kids love the bright colors!

Required: Long tables, blindfolds, frosted shredded wheat boxes and stuffed mice
Players: Medium to large group

Set up an area for two teams. Each team will need their own racing lane to crawl through while blindfolded. You do this by laying large rectangular tables down on their sides on both sides of each lane. The table tops will become the walls of the lane with the legs safely out of the way giving support (make sure that the tables will not tip over on the participants). Continue adding more tables to form two long lanes each about 3-4 feet wide. Lay them out with a few angles and turns so it’s not an effortless course. At the end of the course you will place one open but full box of Shredded Wheat cereal, you may choose to have a large box at the end that they crawl into to get to the Shredded Wheat box. The first player on each team will put on the blindfold, crawl through the course, retrieve a Shredded Wheat (eat it or bring it back whatever you prefer), crawl back to the beginning and the next player will do the same. The first team done is the winner.
For added excitement “if you choose” add a stuffed mouse toy that you have purchased from your local pet shop. Add one mouse per box a few layers down to be hidden until someone really digs into the box. Do not let the players know that something extra has been added to the box. They will be very surprised to feel something furry. You’ll know when they find it by the screams.


Long John Stuff

This game requires teams of 6 or 7 be chosen. The number of teams depends on the number of kids present.

Once the teams are chosen, litter the floor with dozens (or hundreds) of deflated balloons. Then give each team a full pair of long johns (or union suit). The team then decides who will wear them over their clothes. It works to their advantage to find the wiriest person for this part, (although you'll need to be careful to not make weight an issue).

Once the long johns are on, the leader of the game does or says something to officially begin the game (a cap pistol, the word "go", etc.) The object is for the team members not in long johns to begin inflating balloons, and stuffing them into the long john pants and tops. Decide on a time limit that will officially end the inflating and stuffing portion of the game.

Each team is then featured one-by-one as they are given a pin to begin popping each balloon--counting out loud as they do. The balloons are popped through the clothing. Ultimately, the team with the most number of popped balloons is the winner.


Materials needed, blindfolds, Water balloons (can be substituted by Styrofoam coffee cups, or various other dry things for inside use), and students. Set up the minefield by randomly placing the water balloons in a marked section of ground (a concrete slab or basketball court work well for this. grass also works, but you will need to set boundaries). Put your students into groups of about 4 or 5. Give each team a blindfold. Put the blindfolds on one member of each team. The point of the game is for the team to get across the minefield with the fewest casualties the fastest.

If a person touches a mine he/she is out (if it bursts water on them, it just makes it more fun). The team members must be their eyes and tell them which way to go. The blindfolded people crossing the field must stay within the set boundaries, and only one person per team may be on the minefield at a time (so they can't lead them by touch). Team members help each other by shouting directions. Works best if mines are
close together and if teams are close together. Sponsors may yell out random directions to try to throw them off. The trick is (don't tell the kids this till after it's over) for the person in the minefield to pick out a certain voice and listen to that one voice.

Mummy Wrap

Pick three groups of three people each. Give each a roll or two of toilet paper. Make sure you give each
team the same amount. Two people wrap up (like a mummy) the third person in the group. The object of the game is to: See who can wrap up their "mummy" first or who is the most creative in "mummifying" their person. You may wish to add a few other objects into the game (Q-tips, toilet paper rolls, etc…) to aid in the "artistic expression possibilities". You could have the crowd vote or the staff. You need 3 or 6 rolls of toilet paper.

Musical Tape

This is just like musical chairs, but with more versatility and you don’t need chairs! Begin by giving each player a 6-8" strip of sticky tape. You can use duct tape, masking tape, etc., just make sure it doesn't leave
residue when removed. Ask them to fix it anywhere on the floor. While introducing and explaining the game, remove one of the strips. Tell the youth that they are to move around the room while the music plays, but as soon as the music stops they must place a foot completely over the tape. If some of the tape is visible, the spot may be stolen. One player will be eliminated. With each round another strip is removed until it comes down to the final winner. Because the duct tape is placed randomly, this game is different each time it is played. The choice of which strip to remove will greatly affect the strategies the kids must use to win.

Penny Chinny

Give everyone a penny. On ‘go’ they must balance the penny on their chin while trying to knock everyone else’s penny off. This means the penny will lay flat on the chin and the students will be looking up into the air. Last one standing with the penny balanced wins. It is quick and easy and the perfect game if you are waiting for doors to open before a conference or for your favorite artist to perform at Ichthus.


You take apart a flashlight and hide the parts throughout the play area. One kid is the Grog, which is a monster that can freeze you in place by tagging you. Everyone has to work together to find the parts, assemble the flashlight, and shine it on the Grog to defeat “it.” Our group of students LOVED this game. It was a favorite by far.