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Water Puns

All about water puns! Soaking wet!

Awesome Water Puns inspired Greeting Cards

  • Waiting for Rain to to get on board.
  • Give this person some puns! Water you waiting for?!
  • I have been loling for so long because of this thread, that I have a river of tears running down my face
  • Thankfully your thread isn't full of carp, otherwise I'd have an open opportunaty to destroy you.
  • Don't let it dampen your spirits, though.
  • Water you waiting for GARY!?
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  • This thread is very shallow
  • I'd be tank full
  • I don't know water you docking aboat
  • I can’t stand fishing in the creek. It’s way too crawdad.
  • Hate to rain on your parade
  • I’m streaming a video.” and “I can’t stream because my connection is too slow.
  • We shore can!
  • Not sure if this thread will stay afloat.
  • I don't have any water puns but I have milk puns.
  • I'm gonna play along just for the halibut.
  • I thought I saw a river, but I was mistaken. I must be getting see nile.
  • What kind of vehicle would a seahorse drive? A Fjord Bronco!
  • oh wait that doesn't work
  • Did your well of ideas dry up?
  • Be pacific I don't know what this thread is about it's too shallow.
  • No, we can't. Water you, stupid?
  • Water you talking about?
  • I dunno. I am usually more of a fan of dry humor.
  • I need to refill my water gun!
  • Stop, i don't want to deal with this, i'm sick.
  • But it makes me so wet....