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Ice Puns

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Puns and ice. So fun!

  • I have a cold, it's snot funny.
  • He was going to step into a bucket of ice, but got cold feet.
  • 'Did you remember to buy me the coffee with icecream inside it?'. 'Oh I'm sorry, affogato!'.
  • After injuring my upper arm and wearing an ice pack, my wife accused me of giving her the cold shoulder.
  • To spot a glacier you have to have good ice sight.
  • An armed robber who yelled 'freeze' at an ice-making plant was given a cold reception by the police.
  • When my ice house falls apart igloo it back together.
  • The angry ice cube boiled with anger, then let off some steam.
  • Once ice cream was invented the problem was licked.
  • The truant officer caught several kids at the ice rink. They were playing hockey.
  • If you're alone and get too cold you might become ice-olated.
  • The weather forecast was for freezing rain, and sure enough it was an ice day.
  • There will be snow much ice related puns, this thread will become a frozen pundra.
  • A reporter was at an ice cream store getting the scoop.
  • For those who live in the land of ice it'snow problem.
  • There was a hiring freeze at the ice-skating rink.
  • Those who experiment with thin ice will achieve a breakthrough.
  • An employee got locked in a freezer at the ice cream factory and ended up getting spumonia.
  • The ice at the rink has many ruts. I think the maintenance crew is slipping up.
  • An instructor at an ice cream parlor is a sundae school teacher.
  • Ice cold coffee? Cool beans!
  • Two strangers skated to the middle of a frozen pond and broke the ice.
  • The man brought an umbrella with him into the icecream store because he heard there was a chance of sprinkles.
  • The snuggle is real.
  • My small friend always argues that vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are the three best ice cream flavors, I think he has a Neapolitan complex.
  • Next time you get a lawyer a drink give him just-ice.
  • When I went to buy lots of milk and ice cream, I got a fair shake.
  • When carrying your musical instrument over ice if you don't C sharp you will B flat.
  • A soldier who stuffed himself with ice cream was a desserter.
  • The "Titanic" didn't have enough lifeboats, but that was the tip of the iceberg.