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Halloween Mask Ideas  

Couples Halloween mask idea? Come check out our masks!

Find your inspiration for a Halloween mask for that important Halloween party or event?


These masks look like they're straight out of Troll Village!

What you'll need: Craft foam sheets, Markers, Elastic string, Glitter



There's nothing scary about this adorable wolf mask. 

What you'll need: White felt, Gray felt, Black felt, Craft knife, Cotton elastic


This adorable felt mask is so much fun to make and wear. 

What you'll need: Felt, Iron-on adhesive, Elastic string, Thread


Make this beautiful mask with your favorite color flower petals. 

What you'll need: Leaves,  Card stock, Flowers, Elastic string , Hot glue gun


Black Cat Mask

Kitty saws meow at this meow-tastic mask.

Bird Mask

Elaborate masks worn at Venice's famed "Carnevale" inspired these avian creations.

Have everyone wondering who the alpha is in your relationship by dressing up as Jurassic World's Owen and his most beloved raptor.
What you'll need: dinosaur costume, dinosaur trainer costume ($31 and up; amazon.com)

Owen and B