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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women   

Halloween idea for girls? Come check out our ideas!

Find your inspiration for a girl's Halloween costume for that important Halloween party or event?

Deb From Napoleon Dynamite

Unleash your inner entrepreneur and play the enterprising Deb. Get a pale pink- and white-striped polo shirt, side ponytail, pink fanny pack, and a plastic box with plastic jewelry to really nail the look.


Miley Cyrus

There are plenty of iconic Miley looks to imitate, but double buns and red lips are the easiest. Don't forget to stick out your tongue!

Taco Belle

Nothing is better than Disney and tacos. Nothing. Wear a yellow dress and a hair bow, then bring tacos for all your friends!

Silent Film Star

This black-and-white film star costume might be perfect for those who think silence is golden. Go grayscale with black and white body paint, then stick to vintage clothes in only black or white.

Oh Deer and/or Holy Cow

Dress like a deer and attach a paper "oh!" to your outfit, or add wings and a halo to your favorite cow ensemble. Once people see the joke, they'll love your cute play on words!