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Dance Phrases  

Are you looking for an Dance Phrase and quotes to inspire and motivate.

Find and save ideas about inspirational dance phrases and sayings:

  • Why walk when you can dance?
  • Dance the night away
  • Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire
  • Slave to the Rhythm
  • Dance attendance on
  • Dance around the problem
  • Care to dance?
  • Two left feet
  • When you feel sad, Dance.
  • Dance of death
  • Dancing pleats that won't sit out
  • Dance on someone's grave
  • What social life. I dance.
  • Those move easiest who have learned to dance.
  • Dance to someone's tune
  • Dance like nobody's watching
  • Dancing on air
  • Dances With Wolves
  • Dancing In The Dark
  • Dance your socks off
  • Cut a rug
  • You make me feel like dancing…
  • No standing, only dancing.
  • Dance With The One That Brought You
  • Dancing cheek to cheek
  • Twinkle toes
  • Light on your feet