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Cheese Puns

Everyone loves a good old pun. puns for our Cheese pun

I love me some cheese puns:

  • What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho cheese!
  • I have an addiction to cheddar cheese. It's only mild though.
  • What do you call a cheese factory in the Middle East? Cheeses of Nazareth.
  • My business making clothes out of cheese has gone bust. Turns out that fromage frays.
  • What do you call a curly-haired cheese? Permesan
  • Which is the most religious cheese? Swiss… it’s holy.
  • What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? Halloumi!
  • Which cheese is made backwards? Edam
  • Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory? There was de brie everywhere!
  • What kind of cheese do you use to disguise a small horse? Mascarpone.
  • A kid threw a lump of cheddar at me. I thought ‘That’s not very mature’.
  • Which cheese would you use to coax a bear down from a tree? Camembert!
  • How do you handle dangerous cheese? Caerphilly.
  • How did Mr Cheese paint his wife? He Double Gloucester.
  • Why was the cheesemonger lopsided? Because they only had one Stilton.