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Irish Names

Irish Names for Boys and Girls. Irish Names that are popular and unique for Irish Baby Names with their Irish Gaelic meanings and origins.


Here are some Irish names that we went over when we were naming our baby. We had a hard time but were happy when we found the perfect Irish name.

  • Bláthnaid "little flower"
  • Maolán "warrior"

  • Tadhg "poet"
  • Beag (m/f) "little; small"
  • Fionnait "fair-haired; white"
  • Samhrán "summery person" from samhradh,"summer"
  • Maol Íosa "servant of Jesus"
  • Orthanach "potent in prayers or charms"
  • Colmán from Latin Columba; 'dove'
  • Bláthín "little flower"
  • Éibhleann "beauty; radiance"
  • Ana "wealth" or "abundance"
  • Craobhnait "branch; garland"
  • Giolla Bhríde "Servant of St. Brigid"
  • Iarfhlaith a element meaning, possibly "western" or "tributary" + flaith"lord"
  • Naomh "saint"
  • Dealla meaning is unknown
  • Gormlaith Either from gorm, "blue; grey" or an element meaning "illustrious" + flaith, "princess; lady"
  • Molaisse pet from of Laisrén ("flame; fire")
  • Rós "rose" is the modern meaning, but originally it came from a Norse word for "horse"
  • Uaithne "greenish," from a tribal name
  • Teafa a place name in Co. Longford, meaning is unknown
  • Clothra possibly, "famous"
  • Scoithniamh scoth "blossom, bloom" + niam"shining; radiant"
  • Tíreachán "having land; wide-ruling"
  • Eoghan "born of the yew "
  • Gormán (m/f) "dark; swarthy"

  • Oilleóg dim. of Oillil ("sprite; elf")
  • Niallán dim. of Niall (see above)
  • Deasmumhnach "man from Desmond" (in Co. Cork)
  • Dubhghlas dubh "black" + glas "blue" or "water; stream"
  • Saraid from sár "noble; best"
  • Fearghal fear "man" + gal "valor"
  • Mainchín diminutive of manach, "monk"
  • Moncha from a Celtic goddess name
  • Nuala short form of Fionnuala (white shoulders)
  • Iarlugh combination of Iar + Lug (Celtic god names)
  • Dáirinn possibly, "sullen" or more likely, "daughter of Fionn"
  • Morann meaning is unknown
  • Tiarnach tigern, "lord; chief"
  • Éile meaning is unknown
  • Aodhamair derived from Aed (see Aodh)
  • Dáirine "fruitful; fertile"
  • Muireagán muire "lord; master"
  • Dubhgall dubh "black" + gall "foreigner; stranger"
  • Cathán (m/f) battler
  • Ainfean "storm; fury"

  • Uaithne (f and m) "greenish", from a Celtic tribal name
  • Gráinne possibly "inspiring terror" or derived from the word for "grain"
  • Naoise (m, sometimes f) possibly, from nasc "a bond"
  • Treasa from treise "strength"
  • Ainbheartach "doer of evil deeds"
  • Eithne possibly "kernal" or "gorse"
  • Rónán rón, "seal" + diminutive ending
  • Áinle "hero", "champion", "warrior"
  • Leannán "sweetheart"
  • Cináed could be from cion "respect; love" + Aodh [Celtic fire god] or be possibly from an unkown Pictish word.
  • Scolaí "scholar" or "town crier"
  • Báine "paleness; whiteness"
  • Aoife "beautiful; radiant"
  • Fionnbharr "fair-haired"
  • Naoise (m, sometimes f) possibly, from nasc "a bond"
  • Beag (m/f) "little; small"

  • Cathal cath "battle" +  valus "powerful; ruling"
  • Cassán diminutive of Cass 
  • Cadhla "beautiful"
  • Olcán "wolf"
  • Giolla Cheallaighe "Servant of St. Ceallach"
  • Damhán "deer" or "ox" + diminutive ending
  • Siollán meaning is unknown
  • Fial "modest; honorable; generous"
  • Dufach dubh "dark; black; dark-haired or complectioned"
  • Finnseach "fair-haired lady"
  • Bairrfhionn "fair-haired"
  • Róisín originally comes from Norse word for "horse." Also means "little rose."
  • Ríordán rí "king; royal" + bard "bard; poet" + dimunitive ending
  • Neasán possibly, "a stoat"
  • Seanchán sean, "old, ancient" + diminutive ending
  • Suibhne "well-going; pleasant"
  • Curnán meaning is unknown
  • Giolla Íosa "Servant of Jesus"

  • Iomchadh meaning is unknown
  • Suanach "drowsy"
  • Tóla "abundance, flood"
  • Brógán meaning is unknown, possibly related to Brocc (see also)
  • Róinseach from rón, "a seal" (animal)
  • Miach (m & f) "honorable; proud"
  • Cass "curly-haired"
  • Urard "very tall"
  • Dianach dian "swift"
  • Labhraidh "speaker"
  • Ross "headland"
  • Muircheartach "sea battler", "skilled in seacraft"
  • Tanaí "slender; subtle"
  • Aillean meaning is unknown
  • Lochlann "viking" [i.e., one from the land of the lochs]
  • Ainníleas "of uncertain parentage", perhaps" adopted"
  • Dáire "fruitful; fertile"
  • Torcán "wild boar"
  • Eisten meaning is unknown
  • Íde possibly, "thirst," or "the act of eating"
  • Gormghiolla gorm "blue; grey" + giolla, "servant"
  • Daráine "daughter of Áine [Celtic goddess]
  • Liamhain "comely, beautiful"

  • Cillian possibly from cill "church" or ceallach, "strife"
  • Ruaidhrí rúad "red; red-haired" + rí "king; royal"
  • Uaine either from uaine "green" or from an older word meaning "lady."
  • Maol Mhórdha "servant of Mórda" Morda means "haughty; great"
  • Sadhbh "sweet, goodly"
  • Mac Nisse "son of Ness" (Celtic goddess name)
  • Tuamnait fem. of Tómmán- meaning is unknown
  • Scannlán  diminutive of Scannal
  • Sárnait from sár "noble; best" or else from an older root meaning "chief; ruler"
  • Sé from séig, "hawk-like"
  • Laoire "calf-herd"
  • Aibhne meaning is unknown
  • Aodhán diminutive of Áed (see Aodh).
  • Fearghus fear "man" + gus "victor"
  • Fionúir "white ghost; spirit"
  • Séighín (m & f) from sé, "hawk"
  • Fachtna (m and f) "malicious; hostile"
  • Ailbhe (m/f) Either from ail, "rock," albho,"white" or Gaulish albiorix"world king."
  • Lasair from lassar "flame"

  • Rathnait "grace; prosperity"
  • Grian "sun; sun-goddess"
  • Muirgheal "sea-bright" or "sea-white"
  • Iobhar "yew tree"
  • Flann (m/f) "fiery red"
  • Ólchobhar "lover of drink"
  • Ámhra "very wonderful"
  • Anamcha "spirited"
  • Ainnir "young woman"
  • Aoibheann "beautiful radiance"
  • Irial meaning is unknown
  • Donnchadh donn "brown" + cath "battle"
  • Buadhach "victorious"
  • Feidhelm from feidhle "constancy"
  • Marga meaning is unknown
  • Glaisne from glas, "green; grey; grey-blue"
  • Niall possibly from nél, "cloud" or elements meaning "passionate; vehement" or "champion"
  • Neamhain "battle-fury; warlike frenzy" name of a Celtic war goddess
  • Aithche meaning is unknown
  • Scoithín from scoth "blossom, bloom"
  • Breasal "brave" or "strong in conflict"
  • Maeleachlainn "servant or devotee of St. Seachnall"
  • Lorcán from lorc, "silent" or "cruel; fierce"
  • Nárbhflaith "noble princess"
  • Oilithir "pilgrim"
  • Dearbhail "Daughter of Fál" (another name of Ireland) or "true desire."
  • Cathán (m/f) cath "battle" + diminutive ending
  • Baoth "vain; reckless; foolish"
  • Ultán "man from Ulster"
  • Tuileach perhaps, "prominent forehead"
  • Séanait from sé, "hawk" + feminine ending
  • Osgar os, "deer" + cara, "friend"
  • Maine meaning is unknown
  • Ríoghán rí, "king" + diminutive ending
  • Cormac corb "raven" "charioteer" or "defiler" +mac "son"
  • Somhairle from Norse Somarlithr, "summer wanderer"
  • Ailbhe (m/f) Either from ail, "rock," albho, "white" or Gaulish albiorix "world king."
  • Fearchar fear "man" + cara "friend'
  • Daghain possibly from dag "good"
  • Athracht meaning is unknown
  • Faolán "wolf"
  • Dallán from dall, "blind"
  • Tiarnán tigern, "lord"; chief+ diminutive ending
  • Caoilfhionn caol "slender" + fionn "white; fair-haired"
  • Eadan possibly a form of Étaín
  • Maol Mhuire (m & f) "servant or devotee of St. Mary"
  • Líadan "grey lady"
  • Bardán "poet; bard"
  • Étaín from et, "jealousy"
  • Neacht "pure"
  • Órnait possibly "otter" or "sallow; dark; grey-brown"
  • Murchú mur "sea" + cu "hound; wolf"
  • Áine "radiance; splendour; brilliance"
  • Gilleagán "little lad"
  • Brion possibly from Celtic Brigonos "noble; high"
  • Onchú "fierce hound"
  • Seachlann from Latin "secondus"
  • Teamhair "elevated place"
  • Ánrothán either "second-degree poet," "sun-traveller," "champion," or "nobleman second to the king"
  • Síomha sith, "peace" + math "good"
  • Feidhlim (m and f) possibly from feidhle "constant; always"
  • Scoth scoth "blossom, bloom"
  • Cairell possibly derived from cearbh "hacking," denoting a warrior
  • Éirne possibly derived from the Celtic goddess name Érann
  • Nuadha possibly, "cloud-maker": Celtic god name
  • Dealbhnait possibly from delb, "shape" + diminutuve ending.


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