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last minute Halloween Costumes

Put together a creative Halloween disguise with minimal effort (and materials!) ... Genius Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Whip Up Last Minute.


Here is a lot of last minute Halloween costumes that I love to use at Halloween. I also have a Halloween costume ideas for 2015, Halloween Games page and Halloween Wallpaper.

  • Nickelback: Stick nickels on your back for a great nickel back costume.

  • Ghost: If you want to be ghostly this Halloween, cut holes out of a bedsheet and throw it over yourself.

  • Identity theft Stick name tags with different names all over your shirt for a puntastic identity theft costume.

  • Breakfast at tiffany's: lbd + statement necklace + black sunnies + chignon = holly golightly

  • Freudian Slip: Psych everyone out by wearing a slip dress and attaching well-know terms coined by Sigmund Freud, like "Id", "Ego" and "Oedipus complex," to it.

  • Scream queens: matching twinset + pearls + (optional fake knife with blood) + mean girl attitude = chanel oberlin

  • Bonnie and clyde : beret + thin knit + neckerchief + serious attitude = bonnie parker

  • Tourists: Sandals with socks, Hawaiian shirts — oh my.

  • Unicorn: Make unicorn horns by rolling up a piece of paper to make a cone. Wear pastels or white, and you have your unicorn costume!

  • Egg: Dress in all white and attach a yellow circle of construction paper or felt to your stomach. If you're feeling naughty, add horns and a pitchfork in order to be a "deviled" egg.

  • A stick figure: All you need are a whole bunch of glow sticks and some tape.

  • Star wars: a long white dress + two buns = princess leia

  • Scarecrow: You definitely won't scare anyone with this costume. Wear a plaid top, jeans, and a sun hat, and paint your face to complete the look.

  • Black swan: white tights + black bathing suit + black skirt + jeweled headback + insane cat-eye = nina sayers

  • Annie hall: wide leg khakis + your boyfriend's tie + vest + wide brim hat = annie hall

  • '80s people: Side ponytails, neon everything, leg warmers — well, why not?

  • God's Gift to Men/Women: This is such a no-brainer costume. Look really great, then tie a ribbon around yourself. Finally, attach a tag that says God's gift to men or women (depending on which gender you want to bestow your beauty upon!). You don't have to put yourself in a box; a gift tag is good enough!

  • Error 404 Page: are you totally over costumes this year? Buck the trend by writing the words "Error 404: Costume Not Found" on a plain white shirt.

  • An Instagram filter: Grab a piece of off-white tissue paper, a poster board and print out the Instagram logo. Voila!

  • Windup doll: Dress up in a doll-like or ballerina outfit, and stick a DIY windup key on your back. You can make it from duct tape and cardboard!

  • Veep: patriotic colored suit or dress + stiff bob + pearls + american flag = selina meyer

  • Youtube user SideTrack Bandits: Youtube user SideTrack Bandits has a great video compilation of costumes for lazy people, but this one wins. Wrap yourself in aluminum foil. That's literally all. People will think you're funny.

  • Corpse bride: Have a white dress and a veil lying around? Be a dead bride or bride from hell. Bonus: paint your face to give it a blue tinge.

  • Buccaneer: It takes an adventurous person—a buccaneer, really—to venture out on Halloween night with dollar bills tapped to their body. Show your daring side by taping a $1 bill to each of your ears. Now you’ve got a buck an ear. Though optional, an eye patch and pirate-like clothing completes the look.

  • Party animals: Party like a wild animal in your animal-print outfits! More pun costumes here.

  • A T-Bird: : A white shirt, leather jacket, jeans, sneakers and a bad attitude, and you're straight outta

  • Movie Theater Floor : Dress in all black and attach popcorn and empty candy wrappers all over your outfit to complete this theatrical look.

  • Ceiling Fan: No, you don't have to wear blades on your head. This is much simpler (and punnier). Just write "Go Ceiling!" on a solid-color shirt. It'll take people a second to get the joke (you're rooting for the ceiling, so that makes you a ceiling fan!), but it'll be so worth it when it finally clicks.

  • Cat: Bring out your claws with this cat outfit. The cat ears are easy to make, and you can choose to make them with either felt or black paper. Then paint on a nose and some whiskers, and you're good to go!

  • Static Cling: Go as static cling this Halloween. All you need to do is pin socks and bounce sheets on your clothes. Don't forget to muss up your hair!

  • Split P: Cut out a large p from a piece of colored construction paper, and then cut it in half. Tape each half to either side of a zippered hoodie, so that the zipper appears to slice through the letter. To ensure everyone gets the joke, carry a can of split pea soup.

  • Morton Salt Girl (or Guy!): Wear an all-yellow ensemble and carry an umbrella.

  • Bulletin Board: You don't even need tape for this one: Dress in one neutral color and stick Post-it notes all over yourself.

  • Waldo and Carmen San Diego: Waldo's the easiest costume ever and people will spend all night being like "I found you!" All you need: big fake glasses, a red and white striped shit and a red beanie. For Carmen, you just need a yellow scarf, a red hat, and a red jacket.

  • Fork in the Road: Everyone has a black shirt tucked away in their closet. Turn yours into an instant costume by using white duct tape to make a line of dashes (your lane lines) that begins at the bottom of your shirt and ends at your collar. Fasten a plastic fork along the route.

  • Ceiling fan: Just tape the word ceiling to your shirt, carry a pom-pom, and you're good to go!

  • Identity Thief: Cover yourself with name tags, particularly of your friends, acquaintances or very famous people. You're raising public awareness about a serious issue, in the laziest way possible.

  • The addams family: your best alexa chung collared dress + braids + a dour expression = wednesday addams

  • Baked Potato: This costume requires a trip to the big-box store, but it's worth it. Buy as much aluminum foil as needed, wrap it around your body and voila—you're a baked potato!

  • Waste of Paper: Want to be eco-friendly? Grab some of your kid's construction paper and make a belt out of it. Wrap it around your waist and you'll be the embodiment of a low carbon footprint.

  • Retro Housewife: Be a cute vintage homemaker with rubber gloves, a spatula, pearls, a floral apron, cat-eye glasses, and a dish towel. Betty Draper, you have some tough competition!

  • Tourist: Take a trip this Halloween (or at least act like you are) by dressing up in a T-shirt, a visor and, of course, the iconic fanny pack. Complete the look with a camera and a souvenir.

  • Unicorn: Wear an all-white outfit. Take the leftover cardboard cone from a paper towel roll, cut it down the line, fashion a cone out of it, and cover the cone in whiteout. Attach string and voila—a mystical unicorn.

  • Mail-Order Bride: Grab a white dress and adorn it with postage stamps and you'll look first class.

  • Bottleneck: Grab an empty bottle from the recycling bin. Tie a string around its neck, then loop it around yours. Complain all night about “traffic on the 501.” The best part about this getup? It’s easy to go straight from the office to the party, because you can pair the prop with whatever outfit you want.

  • Candy rappers: This play-on-words costume is so punny and easy to make.

  • Zombify last year's Halloween costume: whatever costume you used last year, just zombify it!

  • Spider: Transform into a spider with black clothes! For the legs, just use three pairs of pantyhose, which you can either leave as is or add stuffing to.

  • Unbreakable kimmy schmidt: colored jeans + floral shirt + bright cardigan + backpack = kimmy schmidt

  • Pumpkin Pi: For a costume that’s subtle enough to wear to the office but infinitely more festive than your standard work wear, throw on an orange collared shirt, and then cut out a pi symbol from black paper (or print one out; just type option?+?p). Tape or safety pin the symbol onto your shirt.

  • Self-Portrait: Before the days of selfies there were self-portraits. This Halloween, keep your phone in your pocket and carry a large, empty picture frame (minus the glass) and hold it in front of your face. No filters necessary. The best part? You can wear whatever you want.

  • Cat Out of the Bag: To distinguish yourself from the other cats that are out and about on All Hallow’s Eve, try this clever variation on the old standby. Make a pit stop at the costume superstore to pick up a kit that includes cat ears and a tail, and then accessorize with an empty bag or pillowcase. Purr-fection!

  • Medusa: Stick gummy worms (or toy worms) in your hair and paint on some dramatic eye makeup to turn into the monstrous Medusa.

  • stuffed animal on the side of your shirt and you've got roadkill. Or tape a plastic fork over the dotted line and you're got a metaphor!

  • Iron Chef: Perfect for the person who would really rather go to the party in her blue jeans and a T-shirt, all you need to complete this costume is a chef’s hat and an iron. Bonus points for swapping the jeans and the tee for baggy chef’s pants and a white coat or apron.

  • The 1% or 99%: Go as the one percent by wearing fancy clothes and holding up an iPad that says one percent. Go as the 99 percent by making a cardboard sign and dressing in casual, more free-spirited clothes.

  • Runaway Bride: Throw on a white dress, but make your outfit casual with sneakers and a sweatband. Go the distance and create a marathon bib with paper and marker, and affix your number to your chest.

  • Christmas tree: Take last year's Christmas tree decorations and drape them on top of a green dress.

  • Facebook: Take a cue from Jim from The Office for what might be the easiest costume on the planet.

  • Empire: all your leopard clothing + fur coat + hoop earrings + red lipstick = cookie lyon

  • Max from Where the Wild Things Are: Bring the popular children's book to life with these easy costumes. To be little Max (on the right), put on gray sweatpants and a gray hoodie. Cut a yellow crown out of construction paper and staple it to keep it on your head.

  • Crazy cat lady: if you're already a crazy cat lady in real life, you will probably have a bunch of cat plushies in your home. Stick them on you, wear a bathrobe, and do up your hair in curlers to instantly show off your crazy cat lady status.

  • Road Life is a highway, so you might as well get on the road! Dress yourself in all black and attach white tape down the center of your body to emulate a dividing lane line (cut the tape into smaller pieces to indicate you're a passing zone). Make your costume especially macabre by gluing a

  • Kid in Pajamas: Wear PJs, pigtails, minimal makeup, and slippers, and carry a stuffed toy.

  • Nerd: Geek out this Halloween with taped glasses and high-waisted pants.

  • Pig in a Blanket: Not only will you be bundled up in the cold October air, but you'll look as cute as a button. Just slip on a plastic pig nose and wrap yourself up in a blanket. Everyone will want to eat you right up!

  • A pair of dice: Let this Costume Works submission be your inspiration. All you'll need is a box and some black and white paper.

  • A weatherman having a bad day: Pull on a windbreaker, tape leaves and assorted pieces of trash to yourself. Fashion a fake microphone, and you're good to go.

  • Breakfast at tiffany's: lbd + statement necklace + black sunnies + chignon = holly golightly

  • Grapes: Get a bunch of purple or green balloons, blow them up, then stick them on your clothes. You can just throw on a green accessory for the leaves, or draw and cut out leaves from regular paper.

  • Tickled Pink: If your Halloween motto is the simpler the better, you’ll love this easy costume. Everyone will be, well, tickled pink when you show up dressed from head to toe in rose or fuchsia. Accessorize with a feather boa.

  • Smarty Pants: You'll look sweet enough to eat when you slip into some trousers and pin or tape Smarties candy rolls all over your pants.

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