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Christmas Emoticons

Start using free Christmas Facebook Emoticons in a few clicks.

Here are the top Christmas Emoticons

dancing santa claus emoticon
Dancing Santa Claus
christmas smiley face emoticon
Christmas smiley face
kissing under mistletoe emoticon
Kissing under Mistletoe
santa mooning emoticon
Santa Mooning
santa flipping off emoticon
Santa flipping off
candy shaped yes emoticon
Candy shaped yes
winter cold emoticon
Winter cold
snowman emoticon
3d santa claus emoticon
3D Santa Claus
xmas tree with presents emoticon
Xmas tree with presents
rude santa claus emoticon
Rude Santa Claus
christmas tree emoticon
Christmas Tree
little christmas tree emoticon
Little Christmas tree
christmas banana emoticon
Christmas Banana
smiley gives a present emoticon
Smiley gives a present
smiley with santa hat emoticon
Smiley with Santa hat
santa flipping the bird emoticon
Santa flipping the bird
smiley santa claus emoticon
Smiley Santa Claus
christmas stress emoticon
Christmas stress
smiley opening christmas gift emoticon
Smiley opening Christmas gift
big christmas tree emoticon
Big Christmas tree
gingerbread man emoticon
Gingerbread man
merry xmas emoticon
Merry Xmas
funny santa dance emoticon
Funny santa dance
reindeer emoticon
crazy santa emoticon
Crazy Santa
rudolph the reindeer emoticon
Rudolph the Reindeer
merry christmas emoticon
Merry Christmas
christmas kiss emoticon
Christmas kiss
christmas snow emoticon
Christmas Snow
christmas snowman emoticon
Christmas Snowman
santa claus emoticon
Santa Claus
santa smiley face emoticon
Santa smiley face
toast emoticon
smiley face with santa hat emoticon
Smiley face with santa hat
big merry christmas emoticon
Big Merry Christmas
smileys singing carols emoticon
Smileys singing carols
glitter happy holidays emoticon
Glitter Happy Holidays
reindeer behind christmas tree emoticon
Reindeer behind Christmas tree
snowman eating ice cream emoticon
Snowman eating ice cream
skiing snowman emoticon
Skiing snowman
merry snowman emoticon
Merry Snowman
ho ho ho santa smiley emoticon
Ho Ho Ho Santa Smiley
smiley santa emoticon
Smiley Santa
santa's flying sleigh emoticon
Santa's flying Sleigh
reindeer giving gift emoticon
Reindeer giving gift
elf emoticon
grinch emoticon
xmas snowball fight emoticon
Xmas snowball fight
eating cookies emoticon
Eating cookies
melting snowman emoticon
Melting Snowman
happy holidays text emoticon
Happy holidays text
happy christmas tree emoticon
Happy Christmas Tree
santa hat emoticon
Santa hat
christmas carols emoticon
Christmas carols
santa in love emoticon
Santa in love
christmas wreath emoticon
Christmas Wreath
xmas misteltoe kiss emoticon
Xmas Misteltoe Kiss
flying angel emoticon
Flying Angel
christmas tree emoticon
Christmas tree

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