Weather Every Year

This is something I have been working on for the past year. Every year it seems like I have forgotten how the weather was a year before. Like right now I can't remember what the weather was like last April. Was it hot? Cold? What did I wear. So I wrote down how the weather was every month for a year.

April - There have been good days and bad days. We have like 2 days in a row where it is close to 70 and then it snows and it 34 the next day. I don't know what to wear to work. I just keep wearing sweaters but on the warm days it is too hot.

It is finally warming up a bit. We will have some days that hit 70 and 80 but then we will have some that are still cold like in the 50s. I am at the point where I wish the warm weather just stayed. I did put all my sweaters in the closet and put my shortsleeve shirts in rotation

This June has been unseasonably hot. It is like August hot. We have had our air conditioning on the whole time. It is hot and humid. I love it but some people are complaining.

It has been hot some days and not so hot some days. Also there has been a lot of threats of rain and some really heavy downpours. My allergies all of a sudden kicked on again.

It has been hot most of the month. I love the insane hot and humid. The past week or two it has seemed to rain almost every day. A couple of days have also been kinda chilly like in the 70s which was weird.

I don't know what clothes to wear. One day it is in the 60s so I wear a wool sweater, the next day it is 80 and I wear a short sleeve shirt. I guess all in all it has been pleasant - it has just been a tad chilly at times like in the 40s at night and I don't know what clothes to wear.

There was like a week that was really warm like in the 90s but there was also time here when it was chilly like in the 50s. I have been bouncing between short sleeve shirts and sweaters. Some days are like Summer some are like Fall. Mornings are chilly, I pretty much wear a jacket to work - need it in the morning but I don't really need it on my way home. Also is is getting dark like around 6PM now which stinks.

It has gotten cold. It seems like winter all of a sudden. I am wearing a wool coat and my gloves and heavy sweaters. The only thing I have not done if started wearing my down coat. Also daylight savings time changed everything. Now it is sunny in the mornings so I have started waking up early but I have the evenings because it is pitch black when I leave work.

It has been very cold like in the 20s and it has been snowy. I think we have had about 12 inches of snow already this year. I don't rememeber it being so wintry so early in the past. I am cold at home, work, and anywhere in between.

Surprise. It's cold as hell. I am freezing. I wear lots and lots of clothes.

It is so cold my feet are numb and it is so dry that my skin on my hands is crackly and we have a ton of static in our house so every time I pet my cat, I get shocked.

It is not blisstery cold but it is cold and it seems like it has snowed a lot this year. It might still be blisttery cold but I think I am so numb to it at this point. I have had enough with Winter. I was at the allergist this week planning for my Spring allergies.