Then and Now

What people liked when they were 13 years old vs. now

food - when i was 13 = hamburger skillet stew, now = indian chicken
music - when i was 13 = van halen, now = mxpx
hobby - when i was 13 = playing basketball, now = painting
tv show - when i was 13 = Growing Pains, now = Food Network
where you live - when i was 13 = westmont, il , now = chicago
pet - when i was 13 = cat sasha , now = cat schmoopie
where i was working or school - when i was 13 = notre dame grade school, now = work at Leapfrog Online in Evanston, IL
clothes wear - when i was 13 = acid washed jeans and jean jacket, now = urban yuppie
hairstyle - when i was 13 = rat tail, now = comb over
who ya hang out with - when i was 13 = roman, now = roman

Food when i was 13 McDonalds and fried chicken; now Salmon & healthy food
Music when i was 13 Ricky Nelson now Billy Joel
Hobby when i was 13 Sewing now Exercising
TV show when i was 13 Can't remember now Brothers & Sisters, Dancing With the Stars
Where live when i was 13 Berwyn , IL now Westmont , IL
Pet when i was 13 Nicky (canary) now Snickers (cat)
School when i was 13 Nazareth Academy (School) now Binder Realty (work)
Clothes when i was 13 Uniform at Nazareth now Crop pants;
hair when i was 13 Permed hair now Highlighted hair
Who hung out when i was 13 Pat & Lois now Karen; cousin Gerry

Food: Little Caesars Pizza Pizza Now: Salads
Music: The Police Now: Less Than Jake
Hobby: Playing Soccer & softball Now: Shopping
tv show: Falcon Crest Now: CSI & Criminal Minds
where you live: Naperville Now: Chicago
pet: Dog named Chip & a bunch of fish Now: my
husband's cat named Schmoopie
where i was working or school: Madison Jr. High Now: High School Teacher
clothes wear: IZODS (2 at a time with collars up) &
Jordache Baggy Jeans Now: Banana Republic
hairstyle: Really long, big and curly Now: Long and layered and MUCH straighter
who ya hang out with: Kristen and Wendy and Missy Kopp
and Melissa Marciniak
Now: Wendy, Mike, Kristen, Rob, my husband's friends,
my sister and a bunch of her friends!

Food - l3 - spaghetti, Now - spiral ham
Music - l3 - Rock and Roll, Now - Rock and Roll
hobby - l3 - horse back riding and ice skating, Now - crossword puzzles, sudokus and jigsaw puzzles
TV show - Father knows Best and Donna Reed Show, Now - 24 and All My Children
Lived in Nova Scotia, Canada at l3 - Now - Arizona
Pet - None at l3 and none now
Babysat at l3 and now I'm a retired Domestic Engineer
Wore peddlepushers and reversible skirts at l3 and now Capris
Hairstyle at l3 was short with curls in front and now just short
Hung out with Dianne and Janke at l3 and now Helen and Louis

Food. Then, pizza Now, pizza
Music Then, New Kids on the Block Now, Paolo Nutini
Hobby Then, swim team Now, running
tv show Then, Wonder Years Now, The Office
where you live Then, Cedar Rapids, IA Now, Austin, TX
pet Then, Samson the black dog Now, Bella the brown dog
where i was working or school Then, Linn Mar jr. high Now, working at my insurance company
clothes wear Then, neon bike shorts or tight rolled jeans with shirt with shoulder pads and scrunchie Now urban yuppie... empire waist shirts and skinny jeans, banana stuff for work
hairstyle Then, spiral perm and mall bangs Now, short bangs,
highlights and shoulder length bob
who ya hang out with Then, Betsy Now, Mike

Food 13: Little Caesars Pizza Pizza Now: Chipotle
Music 13: DURAN DURAN Now: Incubus
Hobby 13: Rollerskating! Now: Scrapbooking
tv show 13: Facts of Life Now: Lost and Prison Break
where you live 13: Lisle , IL Now: Geneva, IL
pet 13: Dog named Lucy Now: Dog named Fletcher and Fat Rabbit Belle
where i was working or school 13: Madison Jr. High Now: Excel Gymnastics Club
clothes wear 13: FORENZA and Jams and Ocean Pacific Now: Gap and Old Navy
hairstyle 13: Spiked in the front, short, tail in the back Now: Graduated Bob
who ya hang out with 13: Kristen and Angela and Melissa Mathine Now: Kristen, Rob, Angela and Z!

food at 13 = pizza & peanut butter/jelly sandwiches
food now = pizza & italian beef sandwiches
music at 13 = van halen, ratt, motley crue
music now = 311, blink 182, dave matthews
hobby at 13 = playing soccer & baseball
hobby now = golf & itunes
tv show at 13 = who's the boss, night court, moonlighting
tv show now = it's always sunny in philadelphia, scrubs, mad men
where i lived at 13 = naperthrill, il
where i live now = st. louis, mo
pet at 13 = golden retriever named rascal
pet now = none
where i was working or school at 13 = paper route
where i'm working now = tmp directional marketing
clothes i wore at 13 = t-shirts & soccer shorts
clothes i wear now = polos & chinos
hairstyle at 13 = crew cut
hairstyle now = i think it's called a caesar
who i hung out with at 13 = dan blessing, kevin mener, matt & marc miller
who i hang out with now = dan blessing, troy may, todd kokes, pat werner, scott krase & tom desmond

Food: Then = hamburger & fries, now = chicken skillet stew
Music: Then = Rock & Roll now – Oldies rock & roll
Hobby: Then = baseball (playing) now = baseball (watching)
TV show: Then = can’t remember, now = History channel
Where live: Then = Chicago , IL now = Westmont , IL
Pet: Then = none now = Snickers the cat
Where working/school: Then = Harrison HS, Chicago, now = home/office, Westmont , IL
Clothes: Then = Jeans/T-shirt now = Dockers pants, cotton shirt
Hairstyle: Then – Conservative now = Comb over
Hanging out with: Then = Ted, Javor, Tim now = Mer, Stan, Karen, Dave & Linda (when they are in town.)

food then French Toast, now Chicken Caserole
music then Rock n Roll , now Oldies (Rock n Roll)
hobby then Baseball, now Golf
tv show then Gunsmoke, now Sports
where you live then New Jersey, now Arizona
pet then Hampster, now None
where i was working or school then TV repair shop, now Retired
clothes wear then Jeans/T-shirt, now Shorts/Golf shirt
hairstyle then Pompadore, now Conservative/left part
who ya hang out with then Roger/Rick, now Dot/Lou/Helen/Roger

food - then macaroni and cheese, now lean pockets
music - then punk, now punk
hobby - then skateboarding, now cars
tv show - then night flight, now simpsons
where you live - then green bay, now green bay
pet - then none, now none
where i was working or school - then paper route, now appleton marine
clothes wear - then bugle boys & vans, now levis & vans
hairstyle - then bob, now grease
who ya hang out with - then carp, crawd, & old man; now old man, PP, the ol' lady

Food 13 - Mom's Lasagna Now - Mom's Lasagna
Music 13 - G n' R Now - Radiohead
Hobby 13- Skiing/ Camping Now Music/ Skiing/ Camping
tv show 13 - Cheers Now - Sopranos
where you live 13- Clarendon Hills Now - Chicago
pet 13- Shaggs Now - none
where i was working or school 13- Notre Dame Now - Centrax
clothes wear 13- collar up izod Now - watching punks with collar up
hairstyle 13- mullet Now - shaved head
who ya hang out with 13- Jim Now - Marcos

Food when I was 13-pasta-now-pasta
Music when I was 13-Beatles-Now-Everything except heavy metal and head banging music
Hobby when I was 13- riding bike and playing guitar-Now-couch potatoe
TV show at 13-Ed Sullivan-now-Lost
Where I lived at 13-Hackensack, New Jersey- Now-Chandler, Arizona
Pet-Brownie(dog) now-Kate(dog)
Working at 13-(paper route) now-Retired (yea)
Clothes at 13-Bell bottoms-now-Bell bottoms &capris and of course a blouse too.
Hairstyle at 13-plain and straight-now-plain and straight
Who I hung out with at 13-Louie- now Louie and all my family & friends.

fast food= Then, McDonalds burgers. Mow, Subway turkey on whole wheat
music= Then, Beatles. Now Dean Martin
hobby= Then playing sports. Now, target shooting & golf
tv show= Then, Star Trek. Now, 24, Lost, & Battlestar Gallactica
where you live= Then, Hackensack, New Jersey. Now, Chandler, Arizona
pet= Then, a dog named Heidi. Now a dog named Kate
where i was working or school= Then, State Street Middle School & a paper route. Now, Chandler Unified Schools
clothes wear= Then, jeans & collared shirts. Now Khakis & collared shirts
hairstyle= Then "regular" hair cuts what you told the barber. Now short and brushed to the back (with what's left)
who ya hang out with= Then, Scott, Billy, & Helen (my next door neighbor). Now Helen (same one now my wife) Dot, Al, Rich, Janice, Roger, & Maryanne