Where Ang and I Were for the 1985 Bears Super Bowl


Here is what I was doing the last time the Bears were in the Super Bowl back in 1985-1986

I was in 5th grade

This is what I looked like

I lived at my parents house in the western suburbs of Chicago

I played little league baseball and basketball

My friends were Brian McPartlin, Mark Moroni, and Ryan Jones.

Ryan Jones

Mark Moroni

My friends and I were busy working on The Dudes of 5th Grade which was a a skit we put together where we wrote alternate lyrics to the Super Bowl Shuffle.

The chorus was, "We are the dudes of 5th grade, doing what it takes to get good grades. Some people are OK, but we're the best - blowing teachers minds so we won't have a test. We're not here because we're fools, we just here because we're cool. We're not ready to be delayed, we're just the dudes of 5th grade."


In 1985-1986, the year the Bears went to Superbowl XX, I was a freshman in High School.

My parents had a Superbowl party that year and I remember singing the Superbowl Shuffle and eating the smoked oysters.

This is a picture of me, my brother Andy, and our dog Chip.

Freshman year I went to my 1st of many high school dances. This picture is from the Sadie Hawkin's Dance. Don't ya luv the matching flannels?!

I lived with my family in the Chicago suburbs and had many visits with our relatives.


This is my sister, she was in 7th grade and my brother, he was in 1st grade. AWE!


These were my friends freshman year: Jenny, Missy, Crissy, Kara (my science lab partner), Kim and Melissa (she had a tail).